Ministry support

baltic_sea_coastThe Ministry of energy of Russia supported R-Energo's Program of construction of biogas power plants at the North-West of Russia and stated that the Program "satisfies the targets of the state policy of the Russian Federation... as well as it shall promote the reduction of environmental load, rational use of energy resources and  raising the level of energy safety and reliability of energy supply due to the increased level of decentralization".

Reception at Spaso House

spaso_house_logoOn June 5 R-Energo Partner Armen Markaryan, upon the invitation from the Ambassador of the United States of America Michael McFaul, took part at a Reception in honor of Under Secretary of Commerce Francisco Sánchez, Leader of the Energy Efficiency Business Development Mission to Russia. The reception was organized at the residence of the US Ambassador in Moscow Spaso House, with the participation of the leading representatives of business circles of Russian and the USA.

Project expertise at the Agency of strategic initiatives

asi_logoOn March 29, 2012 the Partner at R-Energo Armen Markaryan presented the Project of construction of Novgorod biogas power plant during the sitting of the working group «Business projects evaluation» of the expert council of the Agency of strategic initiatives. The working group performed the initial expertise of projects that were evaluated and estimated by ASI experts according to the «Criteria of commercial projects selection». R-Energo project was one of the eleven projects approved by the expert committee.

R-Energo's seminar

seminar_22_march_logo1On March 22 there took place R-Energo’s seminar devoted to «Investment possibilities of biogas projects implementation at the North-West of Russia». According to the tasks within the Baltic Sea Action Plan of the Helsinki Commission, R-Energo have developed the Program of construction of efficient complexes at the North-West of Russia incorporating a biogas plant, a biohumus production unit and an energy efficient greenhouse, where the aggregate environmental impact shall be equal to 0.

Russian-Swedish seminar on bioenergy

Aerial-view-Stockholm-centre_logoDuring the period from February 29 until March 3, 2012, Russian delegation headed by the Russian Energy Agency traveled to Sweden to participate in a seminar devoted to Russian-Swedish cooperation on bionenergy. The Partner of R-Energo Ragnar Ottosen spoke at the seminar with a presentation of R-Energo Program of construction of biogas electric power plants basing on manure at the North-West of Russia and described the potential of biogas development in the region.

Invitation to the seminar

intercontinental-1On March 22, 2012 R-Energo is holding a seminar devoted to «Investment possibilities of implementing biogas projects at the North-West of the Russian Federation». The seminar shall be attended by the representatives of state authorities, power companies, banks and investment structures.

Investment forum in Berlin

berlin_logoOn January 20 Partner at R-Energo Armen Markaryan spoke at an Investment forum Biogas Russia devoted to the development of bioenergy sector in Russia that took place at ICC Berlin. Armen Markaryan told about R-Energo’s project of construction of Novgorodskaya biogas electric power plant and about the Program initiated by the company on the construction of biogas power plants basing on large livestock breeding complexes at the North-West of Russia.

Beginning of basic engineering

waste_biogas_logoThe stage of basic engineering has been launched within the project of construction of Novgorodskaya biogas electric power plant. At stage one of the project it has been decided to construct a 1,4 MW plant which shall be further on extended up to 2,8 MW, with the construction of a Greenhouse complex and biohumus production, with the supply of electric energy, heat and CO2 from hd lesbian porn the plant.

Norwegian‐Russian Business Forum

Rus-nor-flags_logoOn November 3rd there took place in Moscow II Norwegian‐Russian Business Forum: Towards a Partnership for Modernization, organized with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and  the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The representative of R-Energo Ragnar Ottosen acted at the Forum as the Chairman of the Round table called "Energy efficiency. Cooperation within electrical power and construction sectors".

Energy service: further steps

PMIF_open_logoOn September 30 within the frames of IV Petersburg International Innovation Forum there took place the ceremony of signing a Joint activities agreement  between R-Energo and NP «The St.Petersburg House Property Owners Association» regarding the establishment of a consortium of investors for implementing the Pilot project of increasing energy efficiency of a house in St. Petersburg and a Contractor’s agreement with the consortium of investors as a Customer and R-Energo engineering as the Contractor performing Energy saving measures.

Green City presentation at Forum in St. Petersburg

pmif_logoOn September 28 – 30, 2011 the representatives of R-Energo participated in the activities of IV Petersburg International Innovation Forum dedicated to energy efficiency. On September 29 R-Energo together with Norwegian architectural company Snøhetta performed a Green City project presentation of city planning. The presentation was held as a part of R-Energo concept for introducing Green City planning in St Petersburg and was exclusive for the company’s partners in the city of Petersburg.

Russian-Swedish seminar «Biofuel for transport»

biofuel-grain_logoOn September 13 the representatives of R-Energo took part in seminar «Biofuel for transport» arranged in Russian energy agency. REA initiated the event together with Swedish energy agency with the aim of exchanging experience and up-to-date technologies of the two countries in the field of bioenergy, in particular, in production of biogas, electric energy and fertilizers.

Round table in Petersburg

Spb_ermitazh_logoOn March 23 at St. Petersburg Lenexpo exhibition hall within the frames of the Ecologial week in Petersburg there took place a sitting of the round table «Energy efficiency in residential construction and communal utilities». R-Energo was represented by Armen Markaryan, Partner, with a presentation about "Complex increase of energy efficiency within Green City program implementation".

Trip to Novgorod project site

IMG_3482_logoOn March 10, 2011 the representatives of R-Energo made a working trip to the construction site of planned Novgorodskaya bioelectric power plant in order to summarize and check the design parameters with the aim of launching works on basic design. In the trip there also took part the representatives Danish engineering company RenewEnergy A/S that had been selected as the project strategic technical partner.

Establishment of Novgorodskaya BES Ltd.

uchrezdenie_logoWith the aim of implementing the project of construction of an innovative greenhouse complex using energy efficient technologies, on March 9, 2011 the project parties successfully registered a special project company  Novgorodskaya BES Ltd. The company was registered in Novgorodskaya oblast of the Russian Federation and shall act as the owner of the future Biogas Electric Power Plant.

Conference on risk management in energy sector

risk_management_conference_logoOn March 2, 2011 at President hotel in Moscow there took place a VII annual conference organized by «Energymarket» magazine and the Bureau for intellectual support of energy reforms devoted to “Risk management in energy sector: tenth anniversary of the reform – results and new development opportunities”. R-Energo was represented at the seminar by Ragnar Ottosen, Partner, who made a presentation on “Risks of energy companies and consumers in implementing energy-saving technologies”.

Launch of Russia Renewable Energy Program

IFC_logo1Partner of R-Energo Armen Markaryan took part in official launch of Russia Renewable Energy Program arranged by International Finance Corporation (IFC) on December 9th, lesbian porno 2010 at Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel in Moscow. IFC program is currently the first large initiative on financing alternative energy in Russia performed by a foreign investment structure. IFC program is targeted at investments stimulation and development of sustainable market of renewable sources of energy in the Russian Federation.

Russian-Korean seminar

Seoul1_logoOn December 2nd and 3rd the representatives of R-Energo participated in Russian-Korean seminar “The Republic of Korea´s National Strategy for “Green Growth”  and Korean-Russian cooperation in “green industry” (energy efficiency and energy saving)” devoted to the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea.

Nordic-Russian cooperation in Kaliningrad

kaliningrad-getty4_1430668cPartner of R-Energo Ragnar Ottosen participated as speaker at the Nordic Council of Ministries  Baltic   International Conference «Scenarios for sustainable energy development of the Kaliningrad region as an integral part of the Baltic sea region» that took place in Kaliningrad on 24th and 25 th of November 2010. The conference was arranged as part of the Baltic Seea cooperation.

Russian-Norwegian cooperation on energy efficiency in oil and gas sector

Intsok_logoThe representative of R-Energo attended on 16th November 2010 in Moscow a meeting arranged by Norwegian oil and gas industry organisation INTSOK. The meeting was part of a sequense of presentations of Norwegian technology and business cooperation, with special focus on energy efficiency in oil and gas sectors and enhanced extraction of oil and gas.

Internet-forum «Package Solutions in the Field of Energy Efficiency»

energonavigator_logoOn October 28th, 2010 the representatives of R-Energo took part in the third Internet-forum «Package Solutions in the Field of Energy Efficiency» that was held at the Congress-Hall of RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the participation of over one hundred delegates representing banks, business associations and companies operating in the field of energy efficiency from over fifteen regions of the Russian Federation, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea and other countries.

Russian-Norwegian working group

Flag-Pins-Norway-Russia_logoOn October 6th, 2010 the representatives of R-Energo took part in the first sitting of joint Russian-Norwegian working group established within the frames of the Memorandum of understanding. The representatives of R-Energo presented to the participants of the meeting a presentation describing the company's pilot projects, their vision of supposed barriers on the way to the promotion of joint Russian-Norwegian pilot projects and suggested considering the possibility of creating a joint Russian-Norwegian web-site.

Signing a Memorandum on the construction of a Biogas plant

biogas_project_logoOn September 17th at the office of R-Energo in Moscow there was signed a Memorandum between «R-Energo» Ltd. and «Novgorodsky bekon» Ltd. according to which the parties agreed to establish a joint partnership enterprise for the construction of Biogas Electric power plant at the basis of «Novgorodsky bekon» Ltd. One of the project tasks is to provide for the minimal environmental impact and reduce the volumes of greenhouses gases emissions into the atmosphere.

Energy audit in Mytischi

Administraciya1In celeb sex tapes accordance with the previously reached agreement with the administration of the urban settlement of Mytischi, the specialists of R-Energo engineering, within the frames of implementation of the «Pilot project of introduction of street energy saving LED lighting units», started energy inspection of the system of street lighting of Mytischi in order to define the potential of increasing energy efficiency due to the possible replacement of current sodium lamps with LEDs.

NRCC Networking Meeting

meeting_hovedside_Oslo_07.09.2010On the 7th of September, the first NRCC Networking Meeting in Oslo after holidays took place and was attended by close to 60 representatives of Norwegian and Russian companies, as well as representatives of Russian Embassy and Russian Trade Representation. Mr. Ragnar Ottosen, Partner of R-Energo presented the main activities of R-Energo.

Trip to Denmark

denmark_logoEarly September the representatives of R-Energo visited Denmark in order to hold preliminary negotiations with potential suppliers of biogas equipment to be installed at a biogas plant planned for construction in Novgorod region at the basis of «Novgorodsky bekon» Ltd. within the frames of stage 1 of the project of construction of an innovative greenhouse complex using energy efficient technologies.

Report on Segozerskaya SHPP project

HPP_logoBy the results of additional research and calculations of available materials the specialists of R-Energo prepared a Preliminary report on the construction of Segozerskaya SHPP on the Segezha river which was forwarded for the consideration of the experts of JSC «ТGК-1» with a proposal to start further project development where R-Energo would undertake the task of construction, financing and loan repayment for the period of 20 years.

Presentation of JSC "RusHydro"

RusHydro_pressPartner of R-Energo Ragnar Ottosen shared unique experience in the field of energy efficiency at a meeting with the journalists on July 13th, 2010 in Moscow where JSC «RusHydro» presented its program on energy saving and increasing energy efficiency in 2010-2015, as well as newly created NP «EnergoProfAudit» joined by R-Energo engineering.

E::Save software

E_save_logoR-Energo nude celebrities engineering received exclusive rights for the presentation at the Russian market of Norwegian E::Save software intended for tracking energy usage of buildings and structures and in real-time mode. The program allows to receive frequently updated and comprehensive overview of energy use at the facility as well as by conscientious follow up work based on alarms and analysis from E::SAVE save 5-20% of energy use.

Trip to Lusakert Pedigree Poultry Plant

araratOn June 12th to June 15th, 2010 the representatives of R-Energo made an information visit to Lusakert  Pedigree Poultry Plant LLC with the aim of studying the experience of operating a biogas installation that was launched at the enterprise in October 2008 in order to generate electric energy due to the processing of organic waste from the plant.

R-Energo engineering

R-E_engineeringOn phonesex June 8th, Lesbian Porn 2010 R-Energo engineering Ltd. entered Non-commercial Partnership «EnergoProfAudit». R-Energo engineering Ltd. is focused at energy inspections of buildings and structures at the territory of the Russian Federation as well as professional energy audit with comprehensive diagnostic analysis of buildings’ energy efficiency level, development and implementation of relevant technological solutions.

Segozerskaya SHPP

segeza1The celebrity gossip specialists of Norwegian engineering company KF Gruppen, by the request and task of R-Energo, have adjusted the parameters of Segozerskaya SHPP planned to be constructed on the Segezha river in the Republic of Karelia. As a result of the analysis basing on additional materials received and studies, the specialists of R-Energo calculated optimal installed capacity of the power plant in the amount of 4,5 МW, with the installation of 2 Kaplan turbines.

Trip to Veliky Novgorod

Novgorod_On April 19th, hot milfs 2010 the representatives of R-Energo made a trip to Novgorod region where they participated in a meeting with the representatives of the Administration of Novgorod region in order to discuss the details of cooperation during the implementation of the project of construction of an innovative greenhouse farm with energy efficient technologies basing on a livestock breeding farm using the experience of implementing a similar project in Norway.

Energy audit of buildings and structures

certificates1R-Energo decided to establish a specialized subsidiary «R-Energo engineering» focusing at energy examinations of buildings and structures in the Russian Federation and professional energy audit with comprehensive diagnostic analysis of buildings’ energy efficiency level, development and implementation of relevant technological solutions.

Green city

Bryggen_in_Bergen_NorwayHaving studied Bergen program on becoming a greenhouse neutral city and good urban environment, R-Energo are planning to suggest developing and implementing a similar program at one of the cities at the North-West of the Russian Federation.

Eco-building model

nightshotVarious Architects AS of Oslo have designed the Skagen ØKOntor (Haugesund) as a model of energy efficient office building with the maximally low carbon emissions. The rated net energy consumption of the building is 72 kWh/m2/yr. R-Energo are planning to implement a similar project in Moscow.

Law on energy efficiency

DSCN008611At the end of the previous year the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a Federal law "On energy saving and increasing energy efficiency and on introduction of amendments into certain legislative acts of Russian Federation". The Partner of R-Energo Armen Markaryan  explains the provisions of the Law.

Interview of the Partner of the company Mr. Ragnar Ottosen to Dagens Naeringsliv

The Partner of the company Mr. Ragnar Ottosen gave an interview to Dagens Naeringsliv in which he spoke about the current energy efficiency policy implemented by the government of RF: President Medvedev has taken the leading position in the process of Russian industry modernization. In this respect energy efficiency plays a key role in the governmental strategy.


R-Energo black porn together with its Norwegian partner company Greenfuel AS took the initiative and arranged a presentation seminar in Norway addressing renewable energy and energy efficiency.


On November 17th, 2009 the representatives of R-Energo participated in II All-Russian conference for energy auditing and energy expert companies arranged by the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation.


On November 10 till November 12, 2009 in Moscow at the territory of Expocentre Fairgrounds, under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation and Russian – German energy agency RUDEA there took place II International Energy Forum for Innovative Technologies, Concepts and Projects EMBIZ MOSCOW.