Green Olympic standard

Sochi_greenOn June 1, 2011 corporate green standard of State corporation Olympstroy shall come into force. Today this is the first green standard in Russia that shall become one of the basic documents for the national green standard and a key element of ecological heritage of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Corporate green standard contains requirements to all the aspects of the process of construction: ecological management, landscape development, water use, energy saving, quality and comfort of the environment, life safety.

Profitable investments

ChartComparison_DevelopBaselineSharp-eyed investors have spotted a new fad to cash in on — the Russian government’s enthusiasm for energy efficiency. “It’s just starting,” Leonid Sorokin, general director of Honeywell Russia, told The Moscow Times. “But it is going to be big.” The McKinsey & Company report projected that Russia could save $486 billion over the next 20 years and reduce energy consumption by 23 percent if it plowed $210.8 billion of investment into maximizing efficiency.

Smart houses to appear in Russia

Home-intellect1Last week on March 25 the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation held an extended sitting of the Ministry council with the participation of the Foundation of Assistance to Reformation of Housing and Communal Complex. 34 regions of the country have already launched projects of construction of the «houses of the future» benefiting from the use of geothermal and solar power where energy consumption from external sources may be decreased by some 60-70%.

NEFCO launching projects in Russia

NEFCO_CFFThe Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and Prime Finance Bank of St. Petersburg have signed an agreement to finance energy efficiency projects in Russia. Prime Finance Bank will set up an environmental fund, which will provide capital for projects that promote energy efficiency in Russia. The fund is worth EUR 2.2 million and NEFCO will provide EUR 1 million. The energy efficiency fund is also supported by IFC,  the Global Environment Facility as well as the Finnish and Danish ministries of the environment.

Moscow's open to private investors

moscow_invetorsThe government of Moscow finds it reasonable to start  attracting means for planned energy saving activities in the city from private investors who shall be gaining profit from the program implementation. The conditions and the size of profit shall be additionally specified during the planned negotiations. Participation in the program shall be arranged via certain tenders. At the present moment the government of Moscow is developing the project of a corresponding decree that shall determine all the issues.

Federal Service looking into the matter

rostekhnadzorCommunity hentai videos board under the aegis of the Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision shall take an active part in the development of normative base on energy efficiency and saving. "Energy shortage may be a significant barrier against economic development of the country", — believes the head of the board Vladimir Grachev.

New initiative from the deputies

state_dumaA milf photos group of deputies from the United Russia introduced a draft law to the State Duma suggesting the establishment of companies engaged in installation, checking and repairs of gauges as well as metering their readings. The draft law suggests introducing new notions like «services on energy resources accounting organization» and «energy resources commercial accounting operator».

New tax privileges

taxesThe Ministry of industry and trade suggested activating almost non-operating norms on investment tax credits to energy efficiency enterprises. The right to defer the payment of taxes for 5 years with a small interest rate may be given to certain enterprises: oil and gas concerns, Russian railways, township-forming metallurgical enterprises and defense plants. Theoretically the recipients of such a credit may be paying taxes by installments at interest (0,5 to 0,75 from the refinance rate of the Central bank) for the period of up to five years.

Not below class A

energy-rating-vectorThe Government of Russia is ready to limit the state purchases of goods that do not satisfy the requirements of energy efficiency. The Ministry of economic development published a draft law increasing energy efficiency requirements for goods acquired for budgetary organizations and local authorities and suggested prohibiting the next year the purchase of products below class А. Market players hope that this shall stimulate the production of highly technological goods.

New WWF project

WWF2World Wildlife Fund decided to reconstruct an office building in the center of Moscow. The works shall be performed in accordance with energy saving developments. The eco-house shall have 2 technologies that have never been used in Russia before. Designers believe that the overall amount of energy consumed for heating purposes shall be 11 times less than that for a standard office building. Energy efficiency shall be provided due to heat insulation, tight window frames, using the energy of the earth and the sun.

Contribution of petrochemical industry

petrochemical-indutryOn February 11 at the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation there took place a «round table» regarding the contribution of petrochemical industry into the growth of energy efficiency of Russian economy. The representative of the Ministry of energy underlined that fuel and energy complex of Russia is the key sector of Russian economy that is most strongly integrated into the global market and is destined to become the driver of Russian modernization, a platform for the introduction of innovative technologies.

Gazprom developing technologies

gazprom-logoThe Board of Directors of Gazprom decided to give priority to the financing of energy saving technologies. Target values for energy efficiency in 2011-2020 shall be the reduction of specific consumption of natural gas for in-house needs by no less than 11,4% (where the minimal level of natural gas annual saving shall be 1,2%), reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by no less than 486 mill tones of СО2 equivalent. In order to reach the targets, the company shall keep on using approbated energy saving technologies and equipment.

New decree of Russian Government

ar127823280219891_copyRussian Government established rules for setting energy efficiency requirements to buildings and structures and for defining efficiency class of apartment buildings.The Ministry of regional development shall within 3 months together with the Ministry of economic development establish requirements to buildings and structures; within 3 months together with the Ministry of energy and Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision - rules of definition of energy efficiency class for apartment buildings.

Russia is an open country

Medvedev_davosIn his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev presented his vision of the development of Russia. The program of national development includes ten concrete issues with additional business possibilities being created from large scale energy efficiency program. For Russia – in view of its special role within the world energy sector – it is important for this sector to become one of the main incentives for innovations, said Medvedev.

State efficiency program approved

vladimir-putin-WI-1008-lgOn January 21 state program on «Energy saving and increasing energy efficiency until 2020» developed by the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and a decree to adopt the latter signed by the Head of the Government Vladimir Putin were published at the web-site of the Government of Russia. The basic aim of the State program is to reduce energy intensity of Russian GDP by 13,5%, which together with other factors shall help solve the task of decreasing the energy intensity of Russian GDP by 40% in 2007 – 2020.

Avoiding the law

bulb_productionAccording to “Vedomosti”, in place of prohibited 100W incandescent lamps there shall appear 95W bulbs. This is the way producers decided to avoid this year prohibition according to 2009 law on energy saving. So far the law does not stipulate any kind of liability for the production and turnover of 100W lamps. However at the administration of the President they are saying that the commission on modernization is planning to develop the draft law with sanctions for the violation of the law on energy saving in 2011.

Ecocity near Peterhof

ptergofAt the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland near Peterhof there shall appear a small residential area called «Ecograd». The design and construction works shall be performed basing on BREEAM or LEED «green construction» standards. For example, the houses shall be equipped with forced ventilation system with the utilization of exhaust warm air. Cars will not be allowed to the territory of Ecograd, but shall be left at car parks.

Incentives for energy efficiency

gos_dumaOn January 14th the State Duma shall discuss the draft law establishing tax incentives for enterprises to install energy efficient equipment, said the head of the lower chamber of the Parliament Boris Gryzlov. In particular it is being considered to provide property tax privileges for new facilities with high level of energy efficiency.  “Stimulation of innovations is one of the key priorities in economic development of Russia, – Gryzlov said.

Incandescent lamps gone to the past

lampa__wtgm_ru__580_noStarting from January 1st, 2011 it is prohibited to produce and sell in Russia incandescent lamps over 100W. The citizens are suggested using energy saving lamps and low capacity incandescent lamps that shall although be soon prohibited too – within the nearest three years. In the opinion of the Russian Government, this innovation in Russia shall serve as a step to the strategic target – more energy efficient economy.

Started with themselves

Photo_HolodilshchikRU_MinprirodyIn 2011 the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation is planning to make its Moscow building energy efficient, said the director of the Department on state strategy and regulation in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety at the Ministry Rinat Gizatulin. According to Gizatulin, in December the Ministry is launching the program of energy passports development, thus first of all the agency decided to increase the energy efficiency of its own building.

Light museum

hermitage1The state Hermitage and Philips have presented projects on innovative lighting of the Alexander column, the Jordan Gallery and St. George Hall in the Winter Palace. The projects were implemented using Philips state-of-the-art LED equipment. New architectural lighting underlines and supplements unique image of the Hermitage halls, is more reliable and allows save up to 45% of electric energy.

First amendments

getfileOn Friday the State Duma received a draft law with the proposal to introduce amendments into the existing law on energy efficiency and permit the residents of apartment buildings install not only individual, but collective heat, gas and water meters. According to the law, all apartments shall until January 1st, viagra online 2012 be equipped with water, gas and heat meters. Senators proposing amendments refer to the high cost of devices and their installation.

Finland coming closer

HelsinkiHarborOn December 10th, 2010 the Minister of energy Sergey Shmatko took part in negotiations in St. Petersburg between the Head of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Prime minister of Finland Mari Kiviniemi. A number of documents were signed by the results of the negotiations, including a Memorandum of understanding in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy between the Russian energy agency and Russian-Finnish energy club.

Russian-French energy efficiency center

putin_fiionOn December 9, 2010 within the frames of XV sitting of Russian-French Intergovernmental Committee the Prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Prime minister of the French republic Francois Fillon officially opened Russian-French energy efficiency center. Basing on the vast expert experience of its members, the Center shall assist the creation of favorable conditions for saving energy and the development of Russian-French cooperation in the field.

A Vekselberg house

skolkovo_green_houseThe very first building to be constructed at the territory of new Skolkovo innovations center shall be an energy efficient and ecological house built basing on state of the art energy efficient technologies. A location for the new energy efficient house has already been selected. According to the director of Skolkovo fund, the whole project shall be implemented by Russian and Danish companies.

Credits without state guarantees

NabiulinaEnergy efficiency activities need to be credited without the involvement of state guarantees, and the creation of such a credit product is being now discussed with the banks, including Sberbank, said to the journalists the head of the Ministry of economic development of Russia Elvira Nabiullina by the results of the sitting of the working group on energy efficiency within the Committee on modernization and technological development under the auspices of the President.

Russia and Spain getting closer

madrid1On November 30th at the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation there took place the first meeting of the Russian-Spanish working group on the implementation of the Memorandum of understanding between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Kingdom of Spain. Meanwhile on December 1st Russian energy agency and the Institute for energy diversification and efficiency (IDAE) of Spain signed a Memorandum of understanding in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Norway ready for cooperation

arkhangelskA Russian-Norwegian round table on energy efficiency has taken place in Arkhangelsk. The participants of the meeting studied perspective projects of Arkhangelsk region on energy saving and energy efficiency, discussed possible perspectives of cooperation between the region and Norway on relevant projects implementation, more active introduction of energy saving technologies as an element of economic and technological innovations. The Norwegian party acknowledged they are ready to participate in cooperation and financing.

Putin calls Europe to alliance

putin_qa_alt_1231The Prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin in his article in German paper Sueddeutsche Zeitung suggested Europe creating an economic alliance stretching out at the territory from Vladivostok to Lisbon. «We also call upon cooperation in the field of energy staff training and establishment of engineering centers, implementation of projects on energy efficiency, energy saving and using renewable sources of energy».

The President controls lighting

medvedev_viodeoconferenceThe mobile porn videos President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of regional development to speed up the work on the introduction of the mechanisms of efficient lighting. As a result the regions shall be able to improve the quality of lighting as well as save resources. In addition to that Medvedev suggested improving frost resistance of lamps which according to the head of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov do not resist low temperatures and switch off.

Russia on the way to innovations

cisco_logoCisco Systems may introduce in Russia a technology intended for building an energy system «super infrastructure». According to Cisco vice-president Massimo Migliuolo, Russia may come to be an ice breaker in the task of using informative technologies for increasing energy system efficiency. «The reason for that is that Russian energy system is the oldest, largest and the most complicated one in the world, and at the same time it is a strategic infrastructure».

Petersburg subway to be modernized

metro_peterburgThe following year the Administration of St. Petersburg is intending to launch works on replacing outdated subway train sets with modern energy saving ones. The testing shall be performed at train sets manufactured by Petersburg based "Vagonmash" company offering an energy saving carriage with synchronous traction drive which is 25% more economical compared to currently used carriages.

Moscow switching to efficient lighting

Moscow_at_nightA large number of mercury lamps shall be replaced within Moscow street lighting system. According to the director of state unitary enterprise «Mossvet» Alexander Fedorischev, this shall allow save up to 7% of electric energy until the end of this year. He said that the energy saving program developed at «Моssvet» also includes a clause on city light regulation. The state unitary enterprise is planning to save annually no less than 3% of electric energy until 2020 in addition to all the rest.

State Duma speaks for summplementing the law on energy efficiency

gosdumaThe committee of the State Duma on energy speaks for supplementing the law on energy saving and increasing energy efficiency as well as for adopting a law on energy efficiency and energy saving in fuel and energy complex. “It is necessary to legally define the... method of energy saving calculation in electricity and heat production, for instance the way to evaluate the efficiency of using associated petroleum gas, secondary sources of energy”, – said the head of the committee of the State Duma on energy Yury Lipatov.

Energy audit must not be delayed

Medvedev_KAMAZThe sitting of the Committee on modernization and technological development of Russian economics under the auspices of the President of Russia that took place on October 26th was devoted to energy saving and the evelopment of programs on increasing energy efficiency of regions. Among others, the President mentioned the slow tempos of energy inspections in budgetary sector. «It is necessary to make audit work as soon as possible». He specified that the audit should be «professional and complete».

Refrigerators for replacement

Refrigerator1The sexy milfs Government of the Russian Federation approved state energy saving and energy efficiency program until 2020. In order to save electric energy, officials are ready to stimulate the replacement of refrigerators and washing machines older than 15 years with the new models,  says "Vedomosti" naked celebrities paper. In the course of ten years it is planned to exchange 39 mill refrigerators and 32 mill washing machines.

Government shall support regions

flag_russiaThe Government of the Russian Federation shall in the nearest three years forward approximately 17 bill rubles to co-finance regional energy efficiency projects, said the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev during the sitting of the committee on modernization at Naberezhnye Chelny. Regional energy efficiency programs should start working to the full. At the present moment 54 regional programs have been developed and approved, 25 programs are under discussion, 4 programs are being developed.

Russian railways and EBRD signed a Memorandum of understanding

rzd_vagon1On October 19th JSC «Russian railways» and the European bank for reconstruction and development signed a Memorandum of understanding concerning cooperation in the field of energy efficiency, informed the press-service of the railway company. According to the document signed, the parties shall cooperate in the field of development of a long-term energy efficiency strategy which is a number one task for JSC «Russian railways».

Government approved state program on energy efficiency

pravitelstvoDuring cartoon porn the Thursday sitting the Government of the Russian Federation approved the state program on energy saving and increasing energy efficiency until 2020: by 2020 energy intensity of gross domestic product should be reduced by no less than 13,5%. Some more 27% shall be provided due to the changes in the structure of GDP and autonomous technical progress which shall altogether allow to perform the task of the President of the Russian Federation – reduce energy intensity of GDP by no less than 40% compared to 2007.

Kyoto protocol started working in Russia

kyoto_37158The UNO approved the first Russian initiative within the frames of Kyoto protocol: this is the project of a new energy unit at Shaturskaya state district power plant near Moscow. At the present moment E.ON and its Russian subsidiary ОGК-4 are completing the construction of the energy unit basing on a highly efficient steam and gas installation with the capacity of 400 MW. By the end of 2012 the new energy unit shall allow to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by more than 1 mill tons.

Russia and Cyprus shall interact

cyprusWithin the frames of the visit of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to Cyprus, the Ministry of energy of RF and the Ministry of trade, industry and tourism of the Republic of Cyprus signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy. The Memorandum presupposes the creation of a joint working group in order to develop a mutual program of cooperation between the two countries.

Inter RAO created its own energy efficiency center

inter_raoJSC «InterRAO UES» has registered «Center of energy efficiency of INTER RAO UES» Ltd. that shall be a unified centralized authority responsible for the implementation, coordination and control of projects of «Inter RAO UES» in the field of energy saving and increasing energy efficiency. The basic task of the new structure is to introduce and distribute at the Russian market highly efficient technologies on energy saving and as well as develop concrete mechanisms of attracting investments for energy saving technologies.

Seoul coming closer

koreaFederal state enterprise "Russian energy agency" of the Ministry of energy and the representatives of largest Korean corporations — LG International, КЕМКО, Korea Trade Insurance Corporation — signed three Memorandums of intent regarding the development of cooperation in the field of energy efficiency. The parties are also ready to jointly establish a single coordination platform for the development of cooperation – Russian-Korean Center on innovations and energy efficiency.

Russia and Italy want to unite efforts

Venice_ItalyRussia and Italy may establish a joint energy agency similar to the existing Russian-German agency that shall focus at projects development and establishment of contacts in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency, said the first Vice-president of Gazprombank Tatyana Yurlova during the Italian-Russian forum "State private partnership in the interests of energy efficiency and development of renewable energy".

The best projects at Skolkovo

skolkovoThe establishment of “Skolkovo” innovations city is managed at the highest state level. The Council of the Fund includes: Nokia Executive  Vice president Esko Aho, President of Siemens Peter Loescher, Head of the Board of directors of Google Eric Schmidt. Such a company shall allow to select the very best projects while tax exemptions to be received by Skolkovo residents shall act as a significant stimulus for implementing energy efficiency programs.

Russia and the US trying to cooperate

russia-usaAmerican and Russian academies of sciences agreed to enhance cooperation  -  this was one of the basic conclusions of the sitting that took place in Washington headed by the presidents of the Russian academy of sciences Yury Pospelov and the US National academy of sciences Ralph Ciceron. Scientists studied the progress of previously agreed projects of the academies, discussed the issues of energy efficiency and alternative sources of energy.

Russia and Norway activizing cooperation

Russia-norwayExperts from the Ministries of energy of Russia and Norway discussed the issues of cooperation of the two countries in the field of energy efficiency and using renewable sources of energy during the sitting of the joint working group that took place on October 6th, 2010 at the Ministry of energy of Russia. The agenda included the issues of cooperation regarding the promotion of energy efficient technologies and using the renewables as well as identification of the joint plan of actions.

Russia and France - reliable partners

paris-franceOn October 5th,2010 lesbian sex in Moscow Deputy Minister of energy of RF Anatoly Yanovsky participated in the XVII session of Russian-French Council on economic, financial, industrial and trading issues. Yanovsky focused on the work of the Russian and French parties in regard to the creation of a Russian-French energy efficiency center established within the frames of implementing  Memorandum on cooperation in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy.

EBRD focuses at energy efficiency

EBRDDuring one of the conferences within the frames of II Arctic Murmansk international economic forum the head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the North-Western Federal region of RF Marina Petrova gave a brief outlook at the interests of the EBRD in Russia and in Murmansk region, in particular. «During the crisis we are trying to support the real sector of economy, - noted Marina Petrova. – The priority was and is still given to energy efficiency projects».

10/10/10 Work Party

PlantTreeButtonOn October 10th there shall be held a 10/10/10 global action day in hundred of countries all over the world with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people. In Moscow 10/10/10 campaign shall take place at the territory of 7 parks and special protected natural areas as well as at several roofed sites. People shall be installing solar panels and planting new environmentally friendly gardens.

The Danish share experience with Siberia

omskA Russian-Danish energy saving and energy efficiency conference is opening in Omsk with the participation of ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark in Russia - Tom Risdahl Jensen. The agenda of the 2 days meeting includes the issues of strengthening international cooperation in the field of energy saving, possibilities to save energy resources in residential facilities, tariff formation, increasing the quality of communal services with simultaneous reduction of costs.

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