Moscow shall have experimental houses

energy-efficient-houseMoscow is planning to construct 16 experimental energy saving houses. A corresponding draft of the decree has been prepared by the Department of city development of the capital. According to the project, the list of experimental design facilities «Energy saving building in Moscow in 2010-2014 and for the perspective until 2020» includes not only residential houses, but also a social building, an administrative building and social facilities.

Moscow committed to established tasks

enhanced-greenhouse-gas-effectRussia confirmed its readiness to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions by 2020. The Russian Federation is also ready to increase energy efficiency of its economy by 40%. Moscow commitment is proved, in particular, by the establishment of an International energy efficiency and climate change center basing on the Institute in the name of Kurchatov and MGIMO institute.

Russia is open for cooperation

montrealOn September 11th in Montreal there took place the first Canadian-Russian energy Forum. Artyom Durnev, professor of the school of management at McGill University said that Russia entered an innovative way of development and has thus become more open for foreign investors, paying much more attention to international cooperation. One of the new however perspective directions of cooperation is undoubtedly cooperation in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving.

Inter RAO unites efforts with the Finns

inter_rao_uesJSC «INTER RAO UES» and Fortum Oyj signed a Memorandum of intentions regarding the cooperation in the field of electric energy sector. A special working group shall study potential cooperation of the companies in the fields above, analyzing advanced global experience in the field of renewable sources of energy, energy saving and innovations as well as Russian and international normative regulation with the aim of developing an objective and predictable normative and legal base within the frames of Russia-EU energy dialogue.

Business shall be taught efficiency

EnergySavingMyths"Mosenergosbyt" and the Department of support and development of small and medium-sized business of the city of Moscow have concluded an agreement on the implementation of the program of joint energy saving activities. Small and medium-sized enterprises shall have practical classes on energy saving at the Energy saving center of JSC "Моsenergosbyt".There shall be developed methodological materials on energy efficiency, energy inspections held.

Government stimulates LED sales

LED_LampOn September 9th the government published the rules for storage and utilization of energy saving bulbs containing mercury. According to the rules, it is prohibited to throw in waste or bury a bulb containing no less than 0,01% of mercury. Experts note that the authorities are thus trying to stimulate the sales of LEDs. These are however the most expensive ones. None the less the experts acknowledge that LED lamps are also the most efficient.

Moscow's following up the plan

Moscow_Corbis460Moscow Department of residential and communal utilities and city development is successfully implementing city target energy saving program, said during the press-conference devoted to «Energy saving in the capital: strategies, approaches, mechanisms» the Head of Department Andrey Tsybin. Andrey Tsybin singled out several directions of work on energy saving.

IFC to invest in Russian energy efficiency

IFC_logo1During the current financial year (July 2010 – June 2011) International Finance Corporation (IFC) are planning to invest about $1,1-1,2 bill into Russian projects. According to IFC Vice-president Jyrki Koskelo, about 80% of investments shall be directed for the development of energy efficiency in Russia. The previous financial year half of investments were delivered to the country via financial institutes. This year IFC are planning to forward about 50% of investments via banks.

Moscow dormitory accomodations shall also be energy efficient

Obschezhitie140 dormitory accommodations owned by the city of Moscow and included into the target program of capital repairs of specialized residential facilities for the period of 2011 – 2015 shall be subject to complex repairs within the nearest 5 years. One of the basic tasks is to provide for the high level of energy efficiency of buildings. Energy efficiency measures shall not only significantly reduce operational costs, but also decrease expenses of tenants for the communal services.

Following foreign experience

apartment_buildingMoscow authorities may invite foreign designers in case national companies fail to shift to new norms of energy consumption in the design of houses, said the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov during the sitting of the economic group of the department of city development. Luzhkov said it many times that Moscow is way too uneconomic in regard to the consumption of resources and encouraged the use of energy saving technologies for the construction of houses.

St. Petersburg economizing water

most2The government of St. Petersburg adopted the program on energy saving and increasing energy efficiency of the southern part of the city for the period until 2012. As a result of the program implementation, by the end of 2012 the average annual energy consumption for water transportation shall be decreased by 41,7% compared to the values of 2009.  The annual economic effect shall amount to 299 mill rubles.

Gauges vs. high tariffs

water_gaugeDeputy hot lesbian porn Minister of regional development of RF Anatoly Popov has held a meeting with the journalists where he said that starting from January 2012 it is planned to raise utility prices for those citizens who have not installed gas and water gauges. According to him, the prices in 2012 shall be increased by 20%, in 2013 – by 40%. A corresponding draft of the decree should be submitted to the government in September.

Schools may save up on energy too

chalkboardBy 2015 educational establishments should be saving up to 40 bill rubles per year due to saving energy resources, said the Minister of education of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko during the sitting of the Council on national projects implementation and demographic strategy. «An average school may save up to 900 thousand rubles per year, thus we shall achieve the task set by the law on energy efficiency», said the minister.

Energy labelling: to be or not to be

Household_appliancesAccording to the law on energy saving, starting from January 1st, 2011 every model of household appliances supplied to the Russian market shall be referred to a certain energy efficiency class.  Following the law, the Ministry of industry and trade established the rules for the definition of energy efficiency class of household appliances, including its compulsory substantiation at accredited testing laboratories. The document gave rise to principal objections of the market players. The issue was however solved.

Russia tending to leadership

russiaBy 2020 Russia should enter the 20 most energy efficient countries in the sector of residential construction, said the Minister of regional development Viktor Basargin during the sitting of the Committee on national projects headed by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. V.Basargin mentioned that in order to reach energy efficiency plans, the ministry "is changing approaches to construction, focusing not only at the quantity of square meters, but also their quality".

Cost effective energy saving

energy-efficiency_profitRussia which is rich for the stocks of energy carriers, does not realize well enough the reasons for saving energy, says in The Financial Times Sergey Tishkin, the founder of Ensat company selling energy saving technologies. However energy saving may get to be one of the positive consequences of global financial crisis: the Kremlin realized that desired economic values may not be achieved without saving.

RusHydro energy saving program

rusgidroDuring a meeting with the journalists JSC «RusHydro» presented its Program on energy saving and increasing energy efficiency in 2010-2015 as well as NP «EnergoProfAudit» that was established in April 2010. The main direction of its activities is to support high standards of professional activities in the field of energy audit. The meeting was also attended by Managing director of R-Energo Ragnar Ottosen who shared unique experience in the field of energy efficiency.

State support to efficient construction

house_moscowBuildings are the largest consumers of heat and electric energy both during their construction and operation. Europe has 9 obligatory directives on energy efficiency, 100 European and 37 international standards. Russian normative base is just starting to be established: out of 221 energy efficiency standards only 38 standards cover the sector of construction.

Russian grids shall get "smart"

medvedev_obamaThe Presidents of Russia and the USA Dmitry Medvedev and Barak Obama agreed on cooperation regarding the development of clean energy. Cooperation shall be based on the "pilot project of creation of a "smart" electric grid". It shall be developed with the help of "state-of-the art innovative technologies" with the aim of "decreasing the losses of electric energy systems and reducing emissions".

Finland investing in Russia

helsinkiIFC being a part of the World bank group, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of black girl porn Finland, are launching a project on stimulating energy efficiency investments in housing sector of Russia. The government of Finland shall allocate $3,5 mill for the project implementation. "We are happy to ... share the experience accrued with Russia for we have similar climatic conditions".

"Green" Olympics 2014

soch3In 2010-2012 in Sochi during the preparation to the Olympic Games there shall be implemented 36 projects on energy saving. According to the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Viktor Khristenko, the state shall invest $ 2 billion into the creation of a new energy structure of the region. Specialists are confident that Sochi Olympics shall be “green”. With this aim sport facilities shall be operating basing on energy and resource saving technologies.

Russia welcoming foreign investors

medvedev_investoryThe President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev invited foreign investors to develop joint projects in the fields of energy efficiency, space and nuclear sectors. "It is important for us to extend the sector and develop joint projects in the fields of biomedical technologies, applied software, "clean technologies", - mentioned the President. – A separate subject are joint projects in the field of energy efficiency".

Utilization of fluorescent bulbs in Moscow

energy-efficient-light-bulbThe mayor of the capital of Russia Mr. Yury Luzhkov issued an order to organize the process of collection, transportation and recycling of used fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs containing mercury. The mayor instructed managing organizations, housing cooperatives and other organizations to collect waste fluorescent bulbs into special containers at the spots of their temporary storage.

Governmental decree on energy saving requirements

Beliy_dom2By the power of decree N340 dated May 15th, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted the rules of establishing requirements to energy saving and energy efficiency programs of organizations performing regulated types of activities. Target parameters are established separately for every type of regulated activities in the form of parameters reflecting the results to be reached due to the program implementation.

Decree on evaluation of energy saving

russia_medvedev_rtr_0308The President of RF Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree «On evaluation of efficiency of activities of executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation and local authorities of city regions and municipal areas in the field of energy saving and increasing energy efficiency». All levels of regional executive authorities should demonstrate actual progress in the process of energy saving, the measures taken and the results achieved, underlined the head of the state.

Russian-American cooperation

flags_USA_RUSSIAThe representatives of the Ministry of energy of Russia participated in the first sitting of the subgroup on energy efficiency of Russian-American working group on energy which took place on May 12th -13th, 2010 in the USA. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of energy of the USA, business community and leading experts in the field of energy efficiency from both countries.

Energy saving budget cut threefold

minfinThe Ministry of finance shall cut threefold the funding of state energy saving program that is supposed to reduce energy intensity of Russian GDP by 40% until 2020 (compared to 2007). According to "Коmmersant" newspaper, the agency headed by Aleksey Kudrin is ready to allocate from the federal budget only 300 billion rubles for the implementation of the program established by the president Dmitry Medvedev.

Denmark shall teach Russia to save energy

denmarkYesterday nude celebrities after the negotiations with the government of Denmark Dmitry Medvedev finished his 3 days visit to Scandinavia. By the results of the negotiations, Russia and Denmark signed a declaration «Partnership for modernization» and three agreements on cooperation, including research in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy.

Russia and Norway signed agreements on energy effciency, renewable energy and the Arctic sea

agreeemntDuring phone porn President Medvedev's historic  visit to Norway, the two countries also signed an agreement on the cooperation on energy efficiency, renewable energy and the Arctic sea. Both Norwegian and Russian experts has stated that the relationships between Norway and Russia has entered into a new and very promising new phase after the visit of the Russian President Medvedev to Norway.

Norway - energy efficient partner

oslo_26.04Within the frames of the visit of the President of Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev to Norway, on April 26th in Oslo there took place a conference with the participation of the representatives of business elite of the two countries. The conference was attended by the Partner of R-Energo Ragnar Ottosen.

Energy efficiency in the regions: problems and perspectives

energy-efficiency-line-of-bulbsYesterday there took place in Moscow an all-Russian "Energy efficiency and energy saving" conference. Its main task was to explain to the representatives of regional and municipal authorities what is being done at the federal level in order to implement the task established by the President Dmitry Medvedev and aimed at the reduction by 2020 of GDP energy intensity by 40% compared to the level of 2007 as well as in order to implement the provisions of law “On energy saving” that came into force in 2010.

Energy efficient housing in Russia

energy_ef_ouseThe notion of an “energy efficient” house appeared in Russia quite recently. Currently there are no more than a dozen energy efficient houses in the country, but as the Prime-minister of Russia Vladimir Putin put it, the future lies in energy efficient housing. Meanwhile one of the basic barriers preventing the development of energy efficient housing is illiteracy of population in this issue.

Pros and cons of LED lamps in Russia

svetodiodnie_lampi_580Russia nude celebrities is shifting to LED lamps. In particular, starting from 2011 it is planned to prohibit the use of most capacity intensive incandescent lamps – over 100 W, while the main task consists in shifting from standard incandescent lamps to LED without involving luminescent lamps as had been planned before. Presidential committee on economical modernization has already adopted the law on national transfer to LED technology. However the idea of large scale introduction of LED lamps has its counterarguments, too.

Russian-Slovakian center on innovations and energy efficiency

slovakiaRussia and Slovakia have signed a document regarding the creation of a joint center on innovations and energy efficiency. Its main tasks shall include coordination and solution of bilateral problems of development and introduction of innovative technologies in the sector, cooperation on energy efficiency, energy saving and development of renewable sources of energy.

Visit of President Medvedev to Norway

1684994-Oslos_landmark_the_City_Hall-OsloThe President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will soon make a state visit to Norway, said the first vice-premier Viktor Zubkov by the results of the sitting of an intergovernmental committee of the two countries. "We are preparing a large portfolio of documents to be signed during the visit of our president Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev to Norway", - said Mr. Zubkov. He mentioned that these are agreements in the fields of education, hydrometeorology, energy efficiency and legislation.

Energy efficiency in Russian Federation - the view of the Ministry of Energy

logo_minenergoRussia teen celebrity porn possesses huge energy saving potential. Accumulated energy consumption in Russia in 2007 amounted to about 990 mill tons of fuel equivalent. Upon introduction of energy saving and energy efficient equipment on the level of EU countries, the volume of energy consumption would be decreased to 650 mill tons of fuel equivalent, i.e. about 35% of our energy is wasted. The Ministry of Energy of Russia developed a complex plan of measures on implementing the strategy of energy saving and increasing energy efficiency of Russian economics.

Together to a greener world

GreenWorld"We have put a task to reduce energy intensity of our economics by 40%. How shall we do that? Only in cooperation with partners from other countries. France has gained very good experience in this regard. We would like to use this experience, and invite French businessmen for cooperation in order to re-equip our production facilities as well as create modern energy efficient cities", - the President of RF Dmitry Medvedev.

Vladimir Putin about energy efficiency

Vladimir_PutinThe basic task of the plan on increasing energy efficiency and energy saving is to reduce by 2020 energy intensity of GDP by 40% for which it is necessary to "build a unified efficient management system, define the authorities of federal bodies in regard to energy saving,  increasing energy efficiency of Russian economics", - said the Prime-minister of RF Vladimir Putin during the meeting of the presidium of the government.

Law on energy efficiency

MedvedevOn November 23rd, 2009 the President of Russian Federation Mr. Dmitry Medvedev signed a law “On energy saving and increasing energy efficiency" introducing a number of amendments in the legislative acts of Russian Federation. The law, signed by President Dmitry Medvedev, regulates energy saving and energy efficiency issues and imposes restrictions on the use of incandescent light bulbs.

Россия и Швеция подписали меморандум о взаимопонимании по сотрудничеству в области энергетики

russia_swedenРоссия и Швеция заключили ряд соглашений о сотрудничестве, в том числе в энергетике и исследовании космоса. Как сообщает ИТАР-ТАСС, церемония подписания состялась после переговоров президента РФ Дмитрия Медведева и премьер-министра Швеции Фредрика Рейнфельдта в присутствии двух лидеров.Как сообщил министр энергетики РФ Сергей Шматко, "этот документ касается сотрудничества в области энергоэффективности, а также возобновляемых источников энергии".

Энергоэффективные технологии позволят снизить стоимость малоэтажного жилья

maloetazhkaПостроить hentai videos малоэтажные дома в поселках позволят новые энергоэффективные технологии, снижающие стоимость квадратного метра до суммы в 30 тысяч рублей. Об этом новшестве сообщил министр регионального развития РФ Виктор Басаргин. Как утверждают  эксперты, в домах будут использованы теплоизоляционные материалы, новая система отопления и кондиционирования, установлены современные бытовые приборы, которые позволят сэкономить энергию.

Повышение энергоэффективности ТЭК

TEKЗаседание комиссии по модернизации на тему повышения энергоэффективности в топливно-энергетическом комплексе состоится в ближайшее время, сообщил президент России Дмитрий Медведев в среду на встрече с вице-премьером Игорем Сечиным. “Мы должны заложить основу для того, чтобы двигаться к ... повышению энергоэффективности нашей экономики на 40% к 2020 году”, – отметил президент.

Энергоэффективный квартал появится в районе Восточное Измайлово

izmailovoПроект должен улучшить качество теплоснабжения, в случае комплексной реализации – принести материальные выгоды жителям квартала. Предполагается, что на примере Восточного Измайлово будет разработано комплексное системное решение по созданию энергоэффективной территории в городе Москве с учётом особенностей мегаполиса и дальнейшим тиражированием положительного опыта в г. Москве и на территории России.

За энергосбережение американцам будут платить

energy-saving-coin-bankАдминистрация США запускает программу материального поощрения американцев, которые будут бережливо относиться к расходованию энергоресурсов. Теперь американцы, которые будут приобретать теплоизоляционные материалы для своих домов, более герметичные окна и различное энергосберегающее оборудование, смогут прямо в магазине получить субсидии из федерального бюджета. Размер льгот будет составлять до 50 проц от суммы покупки или до 3 тыс долларов.

ОАО «Интер РАО ЕЭС» и Fenice S.p.A. создадут СП в области энергоэффективности

interraoОАО lesbian porno «Интер РАО ЕЭС» и Fenice S.p.A. (100%-ная дочерняя структура Electricité de France) договорились о создании совместной компании для реализации проектов в области повышения энергоэффективности и энергосбережения, говорится в сообщении «Интер РАО». СП будет оказывать услуги по проведению энергетического аудита, разработке и реализации мероприятий по энергоэффективности и энергосбережению, минимизации негативного воздействия на окружающую среду.

Чрезвычайная энергоэффективность

Hugo-ChavezПравительство Венесуэлы вводит комплекс чрезвычайных мер, согласно которым гражданам, неэкономно расходующим электроэнергию, придется платить за электричество гораздо больше. Отныне все жители страны, потребляющие в месяц более 500 киловатт-часов, обязаны сократить месячное энергопотребление минимум на 10%. В противном случае, им придется платить за электричество на 75% больше.

Ростехнадзор будет контролировать энергоэффективность зданий

rostehnadzorРостехнадзор получил право на контроль и надзор за соблюдением требований энергоэффективности владельцами нежилых зданий, строений и сооружений. Соответствующее постановление глава Правительства РФ Владимир Путин подписал 20 февраля. Ведомству также предстоит осуществлять контроль за соблюдением требований об оснащении вышеупомянутых построек приборами учета используемых энергетических ресурсов.

ОАО "МРСК" инициировало создание рабочих групп по энергосбережению

MRSKОАО "МРСК" выступило инициатором создания рабочих групп по энергосбережению в десяти субъектах РФ. Рабочие группы созданы в целях координации взаимодействия предприятий энергетического комплекса и региональных органов власти для реализации требований федерального закона "Об энергосбережении и о повышении энергетической эффективности,  и о внесении изменений в отдельные законодательные акты Российской Федерации".

Изменения экологического законодательства РФ надо состыковать с вопросом энергоэффективности

MedvedevПрезидент России Дмитрий Медведев призывает при изменении экологического законодательства руководствоваться принципами стимулирования бизнеса для вложения денег в модернизацию своих производств и доведения их до уровня мировых стандартов. "Эта тема абсолютно актуальна для нас. Изменения экологического законодательства надо состыковать с вопросом энергоэффективности", - подчеркнул глава государства.

Капремонт для экономии энергии


Несмотря на кризис, городская целевая программа капитального ремонта многоквартирных жилых домов свернута не будет. Слишком большой экономический эффект она обеспечивает. По оценке мэра столицы Юрия Лужкова, благодаря утеплению стен и крыш во время капремонта появляется возможность экономить до 30 процентов тепловой энергии. Если перевести это на газ, то экономия в год может составить 3–4 миллиарда кубометров.
Citigroup и Газпром развивают энергосбережение в Китае

citigroupCitigroup lesbian sex и "Газпром" заключили небольшую, но революционную сделку в Китае, которая может положить начало созданию общекитайского рынка энергосбережения. Об этом пишет The Wall Street Journal. Американский банк и российский газовый монополист приобрели квоты, выданные трем предприятиям в Тяньцзине, которым удалось перевыполнить план по энергоэффективности. Сумма сделки составила всего полмиллиона юаней (73 тысячи долларов).

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