EBRD backs innovative energy efficiency funding solution in Russia

EBRDThe European Bank For Reconstruction and Development has issued the following news release: A specialised company which became the first in Russia to implement a major energy efficiency project for industry, on the basis of an innovative contractual model, has received a seven-year EBRD local currency loan equivalent to EUR 20 million to help it spread the concept throughout the country. The borrower is FENICE RUS LLC, an energy service company established in Russia in 2009 by EDF Fenice, Italy.

New Moscow to reduce consumption

energopotreblenieConsumption of resources by the industrial enterprises located at the territory of the new part of Moscow shall be reduced by 15% compared to the current level, said the Head of Division of industrial policy at the Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow Dmitry Kupov during the press conference «Energy saving issues at Moscow enterprises». Moscow government is planning to identify the enterprises consuming most resources for their production purposes and determine the development programs for them.

Competition for the subsidies

subsidiiThe Head of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree about the distribution of subsidies to be allocated in 2012 from the federal budget among the regional budgets for financing the costs connected with the implementation of regional energy saving and efficiency programs. The subsidies for the total sum over 5,7 bill rubles have been distributed among 36 regions. The co-financing priority shall be given to the regional projects at pre-investment phase.

Funding for energy efficiency

finansOn July 4 in Moscow there took place a sitting of the Expert group on financing energy efficient projects under the aegis of the Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs dedicated to the discussion of issues connected with energy service contracts, financial and technological support of energy efficient projects. The participants of the meeting  supported the idea of creating unified regional energy service operators as well as the necessity of developing educational activities on energy saving.

Energy efficiency in housing sector

gkhRussian regions are actively implementing the program of resettling the population from shabby and hazardous dwelling into energy efficient houses. The program is currently one of the priority directions of activities of State corporation – Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. The introduction of resource saving technologies and increasing energy efficiency has come to be an obligatory condition for the regions to receive the financial support from the Fund.

Energy efficiency in communal sector

jkhIn order to stabilize the share of payments for communal services within the budgets of Russian families, Dmitry Medvedev suggested establishing federal energy efficiency standards within the communal sector. "I believe it to be extremely important that we establish federal standards for reliable quality and energy efficiency in communal sector. People should have an opportunity to receive a complete set of such services for quite significant money these services cost today", - Medvedev said.

Innovative highlighting for Moscow streets

arbatPhilips and Svetoservis companies have presented the lighting of the first 19 buildings in the center of Moscow. The facades of Moscow buildings have been decorated in view of the best international practice in the field of street lighting. LEDs are optimal for the architectural highlighting of historic buildings, they create a dynamic look and an attractive image, and at the same time reduce costs and are maintenance friendly.

Rethinking energy efficiency

systems_approach_lrgThis week Russian Energy Agency gathered the representatives of the regions to once again summarize the results of implementing 2009 law on energy saving. 2 years of work made the officials realize the necessity of shifting the terms of performing its basic provisions – as well as increasing the liability of energy audit self-regulated organizations. According to the Ministry of energy, it received 9,000 passports, out of which only some 800 passports have been registered whereas the rest of the documents have been prepared incorrectly.

Climate research for energy saving

klimatmoskva«Construction gay sex video climatology» shall help increase the energy value of buildings and reduce energy costs by 15–20%. The Mayor’s house are planning to perform a global research of Moscow climate in view of all of its changes within the last 30 years with the aim of developing a new town planning concept. The results are intended to promote the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce the energy costs during construction by 15–20% on average.

New look of Sochi at night

sociThe city of Sochi shall soon have a new look at night. An agreement is currently on the way that shall make the streets of the resort lighter and safer. The program of street lighting modernization shall be additionally funded from the regional budget and will help replace street lights with their modern substitutes. Electric engineers install not simply new bulbs, but experimental LEDs. After the installation the maintenance organization shall perform the monitoring in order to see how durable, economic and bright they are.

Energy saving for movie visitors

kinoteatrDepartment of fuel and energy complex of Moscow is planning to procure commercial time at the cinemas of the capital  in order to broadcast before the movies a video about the necessity to save electricity. The Department is planning to spend the total of 12,6 mill rubles for the creation and broadcasting of the commercial video on energy saving. The video shall be broadcasted for 42 days and shall be shown 60 000 times to 1 mill viewers.

A "green" house in St. Petersburg

seldom.ipgA “green house” has appeared in St. Petersburg. This is the first building in the city erected using “green” technologies. Air tightness and water insulation are its standards, while every apartment has energy saving bulbs and water gauges. The house tenants shall feel the economic advantages of “green” technologies. The annual savings for communal bills might reach up to 5000 rubles.

Important Ministry decisions

ministerstvo_energetikiA sitting of Interagency coordination committee on the implementation of “Energy saving and efficiency until 2020” state program took place at the Ministry of energy of Russia. The participants listened and approved a report about the state program implementation in 2011 and the basic principles of its implementation in 2012 as well as agreed with the suggestion of the Ministry to reduce the returnable part of subsidies to regions that didn’t observe their obligations on funding regional energy saving and efficiency programs.

New Ministry requirements

trebovaniyaThe Ministry of regional development of Russia have prepared a draft decree «About the establishment of energy efficiency requirements to buildings, facilities and structures». These energy efficiency requirements are determined basing on the regulated parameters of aggregate specific annual flow of energy for heating, ventilation and hot water supply, decreased compared to the base level.

New Moscow huts

isbaHouses receiving energy from the sun and the wind may soon appear near Moscow. The prototype of the house was a simple wooden hut that is so wide spread in Moscow region. According to the standards of Russian rural housing, the house shall have a real Russian oven, a carved façade. In all the other aspects the house shall have a futuristic structure. The tenants of the houses shall pay next to nothing for electric energy — it shall be mostly generated by solar cells.

Russian energy management standard

50001On February 28 the Technical committee on standardization «Energy saving, energy efficiency, energy management» under the guidance of the Ministry of energy discussed the draft of the standard GOST Р 50001 «Energy management systems. Requirements and guidance for use». The project is a national version of international standard ISO 50001 Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use.

LED for a cottage village

poselokMalaya Malinovka cottage village at Leningradskaya oblast has come to be the first settlement in Russia using exclusively LED-lighting, announced the press service of the regional administration. Compared to bulbs with similar capacity, LED lights consume 3-5 times less electric energy and bear no utilization costs. LED are operational in a wide range of temperatures, especially under low temperatures which are characteristic for many regions of Russia and cause problems for bulbs lighting.

Russia-EU cooperation

ESOn February 13, 2012 the Director of Department on energy efficiency, modernization and development of fuel and energy complex at the Ministry of energy of Russia P.V.Svistunov participated in the meeting of co-chairmen of the thematic group on energy efficiency and innovations within the frames of Russia-EU Energy dialogue, that took place in Brussels (Belgium).

Introduction of energy saving technologies

pitermetro_stPilot projects in St. Petersburg on the introduction of LED lighting have been completed at the facilities of St. Petersburg subway. According to the estimates of the Transport committee, electric energy consumption after the introduction of LEDs at the facilities of the subway shall be reduced more than 2-3 times in addition to significant savings in operational expenses as soon as LED lights need not be replaced and serviced for the period of 10-20 years.

Moscow decreased its energy consumption

resursThe consumption of energy resources in Moscow starting from 2009 has been reduced by 11% due to energy saving measures. "The consumption of electricity in 2011 compared to 2009 has been reduced by - 7%, consumption of heat – by 13%,  cold water – by 11%, gas – by 13%", - the documents say. Last year the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin told he considered it necessary to stimulate investments in energy sector and the development of energy saving technologies provided the tariff strategy keeps stable.

Innovative projects competition

skolkovo_iogo0102On January 31, 2012 there has been announced a new R&D competition on energy efficiency of basic and ancillary processes in power grids. The competition is organized by Skolkovo fund, Federal grid company of Unified energy system, IDGC holding and RusHydro. The finalists will have an opportunity to present their projects to the heads of specialized departments of the companies above.

New terms for energy efficiency labeling

markirovka1The lesbian porn movies terms for obligatory energy efficiency labeling of TV sets, electric hot plates, electric ovens and passenger lifts in the Russian Federation have been shifted from December 1, 2012 to January 1, 2014. A corresponding decree has been published at the bank of federal normative and и administrative acts. The terms have been shifted due to the lack of labeling standards and the methods of measuring energy efficiency for these types of equipment.

GEF investing in Russia energy projects

gefThe gay porn General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed year 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is implementing a number of projects with the support of Global Environmental Facility at the territory of Russia. In 2012 GEF shall invest up to $2,5 mill in pilot energy projects on lighting at schools in Moscow and at residential buildings in a number of regions at the North-West of Russia.

Smart house in Yaroslavl

domAn energy efficient house has been launched in operation at Prechistoye settlement in Yaroslavskaya oblast. The house was constructed using energy efficient materials and technologies. The external walls are manufactured from solid cast foam concrete 350 mm thick which secures high thermal resistance. The consumption of energy during the heating period is reduced by 24%, i.e. the building refers to class "В" (high) of energy efficiency.

BP and Skolkovo cooperation

skolkovo_tnk-bpВР Russia and Skolkovo fund have agreed to cooperate with  Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, the world’s largest R&D center in the field of catalysis, and Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading universities. The parties shall jointly perform a research program on energy efficiency with the cost of 9,3 mill pound sterling, with the rated period of three to five years. After the conclusion of the agreement on cooperation, the project financing shall be undertaken by ВР Russia and Skolkovo.

An eco-office at Skolkovo

Skolkovo-russia-1An energy efficient building with zero environmental effect shall be constructed and launched in operation at Skolkovo in fall 2013. The building is a pentagon with a sloping roof equipped with solar cells. According to Sargsyan, the building with the area of 1,5 thousand square meters shall consist of four above-the-ground and one underground floor. The building’s heating demand shall be below 44 kWh per square meter per year, while existing buildings averagely consume 140 kWh per square meter per year.

Rosatom shall cut energy costs

rosatomState corporation «Rosatom» shall turn its main building in Moscow into an energy efficient house. 42,5 mill rubles shall be spent in order to change the system of energy consumption and turn the main office into an energy efficient one. The project is a part of a big program of the corporation aimed at the reduction of expenses on energy carriers. Rosatom has developed requirements according to which the saving of energy resources in companies within the state corporation should amount minimum to 20% within the nearest five years.

Investments in Moscow energy sector

invThe mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin thinks it reasonable to stimulate investments into the energy sector and the development of energy saving technologies in the conditions of stable tariff policy. “We must secure stable and predictable character of tariff strategy as soon as the investments of energy companies, infrastructural monopolies largely depend not only on the efficient operation of companies themselves, but also on the tariff strategy implemented by the state and the city”, – Sobyanin said.

Letter of intent

shvezThe Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications of the Swiss Confederation have signed a letter of intent regarding close cooperation in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy. The parties agreed to develop cooperation aimed at joint R&D on energy efficiency, saving and renewables as well as the promotion of investment projects implementation in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy.

REA & Mitsui cooperation

ssha_i_yapon1Russian energy agency and Mitsui & Co (Japan) signed a Memorandum of understanding in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy. The MoU is targeted at the development of cooperation aimed at joint implementation by the two companies and organization by the two countries of projects on energy efficiency, saving and renewables. The parties agreed to exchange information about leading practices and mechanisms for the management and control of energy efficiency standards in various sectors of economy.

UN project in Pskovskaya oblast

oonA UN energy efficiency construction project shall be implemented in Pskovskaya oblast. According to the press service of the local government, the project of UN Development program shall be performed together with the Global environmental fund and be dedicated to "Energy efficiency of buildings at the North-West of Russia". The target of the project is to develop local potential and demonstrate local solutions for increasing energy efficiency during the construction and maintenance of buildings.

Moscow energy saving program

pravmoskvi_1Moscow buy generic viagra online energy saving program for 2012-2016 and until 2020 has been approved at the sitting of Moscow government. "This an integral cross-sectoral program interconnecting energy efficiency efforts of all Moscow authorities, institutes, enterprises, businesses", - said the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. According to him, the program encompasses 40,000 residential houses and 75 non-residential buildings.

RuDanEnergo center

ros-danRussian lesbian sex energy agency and Danish energy agency of the Ministry of climate and energy have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of energy efficiency, announced REA. The document presupposes the establishment of Russian-Danish center on energy efficiency RuDanEnergo. One of the key targets of the center shall be the development of Russian-Danish cooperation at the level of state authorities and private business.

Waste water energy

baikalA mature milfs heat pumping device has been delivered to Lower Angara region of Russia. The unit operation shall be based on thermal energy of waste water, and shall be installed in Baikalsk city in order to heat communal facilities within the frames of energy saving and efficiency program. According to the press-service of the government of Irkutskaya oblast, the device works by transforming low potential waste water heat of Baikalsk pulp-and-paper plant.

Public transport to be renovated

TrolleyUntil the end of the year Russian energy agency is planning to suggest the authorities of Moscow and other large cities a project on the modernization of trolleybus and trams fleet, said the general director of REA Timur Ivanov on Monday. According to him, the modernization program includes two stages. Stage one presupposes 2-3 fold reduction of electric energy consumption for existing trolleybuses. At stage two some part of public transport shall be replaced with new electric mobiles or trolleybuses.

New state program coming

ministerstvo_energetiki40 state programs are being currently developed in the Russian Federation. The Ministry of economic development believes that this year the Government may recommend 6 of those including the state program on «Energy efficiency and energy sector development» (the Ministry of energy). On July 7 the Ministry of finances presented its first «analytical calculations for the state programs stipulating to concentrate in 2012 96,4% of budgetary costs in them.

The Ministry established a new margin

minfin-3The Ministry of Finances of the Russian Federation suggests reducing for investment projects on energy efficiency and saving the minimal volume of state guarantees that may be provided for credit resources attracted for such projects. Currently the value of the state guarantee issued in rubles should be not less than 1 bill rubles. For projects on energy saving and increasing energy efficiency in communal and residential sector it is suggested establishing the minimal margin of state guarantees at the level of 250 mill rubles.

Decree of the President

Medvedev_DmitryOn July 7 Dmitriy Medvedev signed a decree «About the adoption of priority directions of development of science, technologies and technique». The list of critical Russian technologies consists of 27 points, including the technologies of new and renewable sources of energy, including hydrogen energy; technologies of creating energy saving systems for energy transportation, distribution and use; technologies of energy efficient generation and transformation of energy basing on organic fuel, etc.

Credit for energy efficiency

transcapitalbankIFC shall purchase 7,7% of shares in Transcapitalbank and provide it a targeted credit in the amount of $18,2 mill for the development of the program of crediting energy efficient projects of small and average-sized enterprises in the regions of Russia. The corporation shall also consult the bank in the process of new financial product development and studying  the methodics of energy efficiency potential evaluation in projects suggested for funding.

Proposal for the USA

rosnano_usaRosnano shall propose to the US Ministry of energy a program of interaction, first of all in the field of perspective energy and energy saving technologies, said the deputy head of the Board of the company Andrey Malyshev during his meeting with the Minister of energy Steven Chu at Rosnano office. The projects are planned for implementation under the aegis of the Ministry of energy of the USA with the participation of Rosnano.

Moscow came to agreement with Berlin

berlin-day-tripThe Head of Department of Nature management and environmental protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevskiy and Senator for Health, the Environment and Consumer Protection of Berlin Katrin Lompscher agreed to cooperate in the field of energy saving and waste management and recycling. The meeting took place within the IV Summit of Climate Change Cities Partnership (C40).

Moscow state program

moscow_universityThe deputies of Moscow state Duma discussed the draft of “Energy saving in Moscow” state program for 2012–2016 and for the perspective until 2020 targeted at “increasing the efficiency of using energy resources by city consumers”. The program shall be implemented in two stages: 2012–2016 and 2017–2020 with the funding from three sources: Moscow budget, federal budget and investments. In the course of five years it is planned to invest over 9 bill rubles in energy saving measures and save some 44 bill rubles.

Energy efficiency sign

en_ef_ratingAll milf porn new and many existing residential buildings shall now have criteria for determining their energy efficiency class. Special tables with the class label shall be located at the facades of the buildings. Such a regulation has been registered on May 20 at the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation. New and reconstructed buildings may aspire to receive class A (top class), B++ or B+ (advanced), B (high) and C (normal), existing houses – classes D (lowered) and E (low).

Residential projects needed

jkxSkolkovo celeb sex tapes cluster of energy efficient technologies lacks projects in the sector of residential and communal utilities, said the director of the cluster Ekaterina Diachenko. «We have few projects in residential and communal utilities sector, few businesses introducing interesting technologies… Meanwhile this is a vast market, a big opportunity both Russian and foreign scientists to „take off“ with commercialization», - she said.

Lawmakers developing energy service

writingThe working group of the Public Chamber of Russia shall prepare a Concept of energy service development. A standard contract and a business plan shall be prepared which, in the opinion of the members of the round table, may make things easier. Amendments in legislation shall also be suggested. “The law on energy efficiency needs to be developed as the basis of the sector. Instead of one article about energy service contracts we need to have a whole chapter regulating those,” — believes the head of the working group Anatoliy LIbet.

Residential modernization in Astrakhan

astrStarting from 2010 capital repairs at apartment buildings in Astrakhanskaya oblast shall be performed exclusively basing on energy efficient technologies. Solar batteries have been installed on the roofs of four houses in Volodarskiy settlement: the cells receive the energy of the Sun which is collected in accumulating batteries and is further on supplied to lamps in corridors. Two other houses purchased motion detectors and energy saving lamps.During its operation the equipment cost shall be paid back – within 11-12 years.

New basis for cooperation

02-09-11-Alternative-Energy-300x183Russian hd mobile porn energy agency and IFC signed a memorandum of understanding cooperation in energy efficiency and renewable energy. The parties are planning to hold trainings on profitability of energy efficiency investments in residential and industrial sectors as well as develop pilot projects on using renewable sources of energy in the regions. According to general director of REA Timur Ivanov, the agency together with IFC are planning to prepare a corresponding road map and “launch projects within the nearest two months”.

LED in Moscow

moscow_at_nightArchitectural and art lighting in Moscow shall be replaced in view of energy saving technologies, sais chief engineer of State unitary enterprise «Моssvet» Alexander Kureev during a press-conference on May 5. «We included energy saving into the program. It should correspond with the level of consumption of electric energy. Accent is made on LED for they currently allow arrange any set of colors in quite quick dynamics».

Saving billiions of rubles

moskvaThe citizens of Moscow due to energy saving measures in 2012-2020 shall be able to save some 126 bill rubles, says the draft of Moscow target energy saving program. According to the draft of the program, investments into the energy saving program shall be paid back. At the same time it shall help increase ecological safety in the city, improve environmental situation due to reduced combustion of organic fuels and decreased losses of energy resources.

Top class building

tagilUntil buy priligy the end of 2011 in Sverdlovskaya oblast there shall be constructed an A class energy efficient house. It shall consume 5 times less electric energy than modern buildings and 13 time less than old buildings constructed more than 50 years ago. This shall be a 3-storeyed building with 15 apartments up to 68 sq.m. each. If the pilot project proves to be efficient, the construction of energy efficient houses shall be continued in 2012.

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