The winds of the Primorye

ostrov_popova10 wind power installation each 2.3 MW in capacity shall be installed at the Primorye territory at Popova island. The management of the Far Eastern wind power plant at RusHydro are preparing to conclude an agreement for the supply of equipment. «The project is interesting. This is the first energy facility at the Primorye territory operating basing on renewable sources of energy. The resulting electric energy shall be delivered into the unified energy system of the Primorye territory».

Happy New Year and Law!

sunAccording to the press service of the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev signed a federal law "Concerning introduction of amendments in federal law "On electric energy sector" and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation". It is presupposed to introduce the mechanism for the development electric energy production sector basing on renewable sources of energy – conclusion of long-term capacity purchase agreements at a special price.

Energy independent arc

kovcheg_logoThe workshop of a Russian architect Alexander Remizov have developed a project of an ark-house with an independent energy supply system. The structure shall be fit for energy deficit areas. The building shall be supplied with energy from alternative sources: solar batteries, wind installations, heat and hydrogen accumulators under the dome. Inside the building there shall be greenhouses with greenery producing oxygen.

Energy from the Gulf

finsky_zalivSt. Petersburg within the frames of the project with RusHydro is considering the possibility of locating wind power plants right in the waters of the Gulf of Finland. On December 22nd the head of the committee on energy of the Government of the Northern capital Oleg Trishkin told the journalists that as of today they had to reject the construction of wind power plants at the shore of the Gulf as soon as the territory serves as the active zone of birds’ nesting.

Richness of small hydro potential

malaya_gesIt is possible to construct in Russia some 6 000 small HPPs, estimated the head of JSC «RusHydro» Evgeny Dod in his interview to Ъ paper. «Our country will soon have a normative base for small HPPs and renewable sources of energy which shall serve as an absolutely fantastic incentive for the development of this part of our business. All over the country it is possible to construct some 6 000 small HPPs».

The first one in Russia

solar_panelFirst Russian solar power plant was launched in operation in Belgorod region. Energy generated at the plant shall be delivered to the grid at a special tariff — 9 rub. per 1 kWh. Electric energy from the nearest Kurskaya nuclear power plant costs 2,3–4 rub. per 1 kWh, however in view of the growth of electric energy consumption, it turned out to be cheaper to build a solar power plant and purchase electric energy at a high tariff instead of constructing new transmission lines and distributing substations.

IFC investments

IFC_logo1International Finance Corporation (IFC), investment subdivision of the World bank, declared the launch of its program of Russian renewable energy development in the amount of $150 mill. In the course of five years the most part of the money shall be forwarded to finance projects on wind energy and biomass. Within the five years period, with the support from Russian partners including Russian energy agency and RusHydro, it is supposed to implement «no less than 30 pilot projects» with the total capacity of 205 MW.

Space not kept aside

GPS_SatelliteThis year the Government of Russia is allocating to Russian Federal Space Agency a budget assignment in the amount of 491 mill rubles for the implementation of activities within the project of "Creation of a complete technological cycle of new generation solar batteries production". Starting from 2011 satelliyes under construction shall be supplied with energy using new panels of solar batteries with a raised efficiency ration - from 14% to 28%.

Biogas coming to Petersburg

peterburg_biogasSt. Petersburg is implementing two biogas projects, said the head of the Committee on energy and engineering supply of St. Petersburg. «We are also thinking about the problem of alternative energy, - he declared. – I can say that at the present moment we are developing two biogas projects. They shall be implemented at treatment facilities. We want to shift the power supply of treatment facilities to energy received as a result of burning biogas».

Money for silicon

polycrystalline-silicon-6NbEurasian Development Bank and Nitol company have signed an agreement for a line of credit for the total sum of 100 mill USD for the period of 7 years. According to the agreement, funding shall be executed within the frames of the project on the establishment of polycrystalline silicon production unit – the basic raw material for solar energy and microelectronics. The project is also implemented with financial participation of state nano-technologies corporation (Rosnano) and Sberbank of Russia.

Bioenergy as a strategic target

biotoplivoOn December 1st during the sitting of the Council on forestry development the first deputy head of the Government of the Russian Federation Viktor Zubkov called upon more active development of the problem of production of solid fuel briquettes from wood waste that may be used as a fuel for the system of residential and communal utilities.  «The subject is undoubtedly acute», — the first vice prime-minister noted. «The development of national bioenergy sector satisfies the strategic targets of the Russian Government», — he added.

Ecocity in diamond pit

eco-img-logoA project of a huge city underneath a transparent dome in a former diamond mine in Siberia has been developed by one of Russian architectural workshops – «AB Elis Ltd». The project was called «Ecocity» 2020.  Should the project be approved, the quarry shall be tightly covered by a glass dome protecting the city. Solar panels planned for installation into the dome shall act as the source of energy for its citizens.

Siberia as the center of Russian wind power

siberiaAlmost from the beginning of the year it has been discussed that Siberia may come to be the center of Russian wind power sector — and the first steps have already been made. Mid August in Kemerovo there was erected a wind generator transforming wind (and solar) power into electriс energy. A wind power plant was constructed at Kok-Pash settlement in Altai. There are certain doubts in regard to the perspectives of Siberian wind power sector, but even the most skeptical experts do not deny wind generators in any perspectives in the region.

RAO plans 24 wind power plants in the East

rao_es_vostokaJSC “RAO Energy System of East” is planning to build 24 wind power plants at the Far East, said the company’s General director Ivan Blagodyr. “At two places – Ust-Kamchatsk and Tilichik we have already installed two wind power systems”, – he said. At the same time he mentioned that in order to develop the wind power sector of the Far East, it is necessary to have long term tariff mechanisms.

Development of renewables in Russia and CIS

all-island-facilitation-of-renewables-studiesThe representatives of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation are taking part in II International meeting of experts on renewable sources of energy of CIS countries that is taking place in Geneva on November 23 till November 25, 2010. The event is connected with the implementation of UNECE project «Development of renewables sector in the Russian Federation and CIS countries: perspectives of international cooperation».

Government doesn't forget the renewables

Green_Energy_Digital_IllustrationThe State Duma approved a draft law of the first reading regarding the improvement of operation of the system of production and consumption of electric energy basing on renewable sources of energy. The draft law presupposes the introduction of a new mechanism for the development of renewables sector — conclusion of long-term agreements for the purchase and sale of capacity at a special price.

First rate Olympics

paragraph_media_7913_originalState corporation “Olympstroy” has completed works on the introduction of ecological management systems and proved the correspondence of its management principles with the standards and requirements of ISO 14001 international ecological standard. One of the bright examples of construction activities’ compliance with ISO standards shall be a modern, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and long-life administrative and office complex.

Onward to innovations together with Japan

hydrogenJapanese and Russian specialists are promoting a unique project of creating a large wind power plant at Sakhalin island in order to establish there an industrial unit for the production of hydrogen as one of the most perspective fuels in the future. Japan shall be the main buyer of hydrogen: according to official estimates, its annual demand for this fuel shall reach 65,3 bill cubic meters by 2030.

Geothermal Kamchatka

kamchatkaRussia is considering the possibility of constructing together with Iceland a geothermal plant at Kamchatka. The countries are also discussing the construction of an energy intensive metallurgical production unit. According to the Minister of energy of Russia Sergey Shmatko, the parties agreed to make a special "road map" for regional cooperation. On the Russian part, Kamchatka shall participate in the project.

"Green" Russia: a look from aside

russia_natureEvery year, Russia wastes enough energy to power the French economy and the Kremlin is determined to change this. Will it be too little too late or is Russia about to embark on a green energy revolution? "The political winds have changed at the top and there is a growing consensus that climate change is happening and a will to change and build a more efficient economy," says Kevin James of London-based Climate Change Capital.

Subsidies for technological connection fixed in law

renewable-energyThe Government of the Russian Federation approved criteria for providing from the federal budget subsidies as a manner of compensation of the cost of technological connection to the owners of generating facilities using renewable sources of energy. A corresponding decree has been signed by the Prime-minister of the RF Vladimir Putin. A facility operating basing on renewable sources of energy should meet several criteria.

Bioenergy by Finnish example

Wood_Pellets_2.264131251_stdOn October 25th-26th in Kirov there took place a Finnish-Russian international scientific and practical conference «Energy of renewable resources». The participants of the conference studied the issues of raw material resources for bioenergy, wood processing technologies and bioenergy potential for using those, presented the analysis of wood fuel preparation in Finland, experience of Finnish-Russian interaction in bioenergy sector.

Altai got a new wind power plant

ves_altayA wind electric power plant opening ceremony took place at Kok-Pash settlement of Ulugansky district at the Republic of Altai. Now the citizens of the small settlement shall have light at their houses 24 hours a day. Before that electric energy was supplied to them for 6 hours a day from a diesel power plant. 199,5 thousand rubles was spent from the district budget in order to install a 6 kW wind power unit with the voltage of 48 kV.

The Minister of energy visited Iceland

reykjavik-breaksStarting from October 16th till lesbian sex October 18th, gay sex 2010 the Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko visited the Republic of Iceland. During the trip the Minister studied the experience and technologies in the field of using geothermal energy and held a number of meetings. Within the frames of the visit there have been discussed the perspectives of Russian-Icelandic energy cooperation as well as the extension of interaction of the two countries in the field.

UNESCO for wasteless industry

3118During the negotiations International Sustainable Energy Development Center under the auspices of UNESCO and Waste Recycling Association reached an agreement regarding the cooperation on joint promotion in Russia of the issue of using waste as a renewable source for the production of electric energy and heat. The issue is currently quite a perspective direction both in the sense of receiving an additional source of energy as well as due to the solution of the problem of waste utilization.

The Law shall stimulate renewables

gosdumaOn October 14th, gay pics 2010 there was submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation  a draft of the law «On the introduction of amendments into Federal law «On electric energy sector» and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation» which presupposes «introduction of a number of amendments into the law on electric energy sector in regard to the operation of the system of electric energy production and consumption using renewable sources of energy».

Murmansk targeted at the wind

murmanskAt the end of September 2010 the Governor of Murmansk region Dmitry Dmitrienko and the managing director of JSC «Rosdiagnostika» signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of development of renewable sources of energy. The company is planning to construct a 50 MW wind park at the area of Liinakhamari (Pechengsky District of Murmansk region). This is already the third planned project regarding the construction of wind parks in the region.

Schwarzenegger shall teach

arnold-schwarzenegger-420x0The cell phone porn Governor of California, USA, Arnold Schwarzenegger during his official visit to Moscow, by the invitation of World Wildlife Fund met with the students and professors of National research institute – Higher School of Economics. The topic of the meeting was: «Climate and energy: working together». It was nor for no reason that Schwarzenegger was selected as the speaker on the problem. California possesses vast experience in the field of increasing energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases emission.

Altai selects wind power

altayAn Agreement on cooperation in the field of developing wind energy was signed between the Administration of Altai region, MRSK of Siberia, JSC «Altaienergosbyt» and JSC «Alternative energy corporation». The agreement is targeted at the implementation of an investment project of wind parks construction at the territory of Altai region. «The region needs that because the diversification of generating sources is one of conditions for sustainable energy supply», - said the Governor of Altai region Alexander Karlin.

Russia preparing a new law on ecology

Environmentw37jx2According phone porn to ecologists, 15% of the territory of Russia is unfavorable from the ecological point of view which is connected with the use of deteriorated production and waste utilization technologies, national development strategy using natural resources without account for the damage to the environment. A draft of the law "Basics of state strategy of the Russian Federation in the field of ecology until 2030" developed by the Ministry of natural resources is intended to improve the ecological situation in the country.

Russia and EU support Energy dialogue

Russia-EU-b-751221The representatives of the Ministry of energy of Russia participated in a seminar on bilateral cooperation between Russia and the EU in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy that took place in Moscow within the frames of Russia-EU Energy dialogue. The participants of the event discussed current and planned federal and regional projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy with special focus on cooperation in Northern and Baltic regions.

Center of Russia shifting to renewables

mrsk-tsentraSubsidiary hd lesbian porn of «Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the Center» – «Belgorodenergo» performed technical connection of wind generators and solar batteries with the total installed capacity of 200 kW that shall actually be the first alternative sources of energy in Belgorod region. In October 2010 there shall start the construction of a 2.4 MW biogas installation that shall utilize waste from neighboring agricultural enterprises.

Russia and China ready for cooperation

russia_-_chinaThe cartoon porn videos President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medveded and the Leader of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao took gay pics a joint decision regarding comprehensive strengthening of Russian-Chinese relations for partnership and strategic interaction. Several documents have been signed in energy sector, including a Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of energy of RF and the State council of PRC regarding the development of reforms and cooperation in the field of energy saving and using renewable sources of energy.

A window to Europe

kaliningradKaliningrad region has increased chances to become a connecting bridge in between Russia and the EU. The direction of cooperation was described by the vice-minister of foreign affairs of Lithuania Evaldas Ignatavichus. It concerns in particular energy sector and environmental protection. The priority is given to using renewable energy of the wind, the sun and the water. The neighbors are ready to implement all the plans in cooperation with the government of Kaliningrad region.

Kostroma to receive clean energy

kostromaOn Thursday the government of Kostroma region approved of the investment project of a German energy company KEHAG International AG on the construction of a gas engine generator plant that shall provide for independent power supply at the municipal unitary enterprise ”Коstromagorvodokanal” as well as act as an environmentally friendly production unit.

Sun shall help the Moscovites

TP_infraEuropean capitals are gradually shifting to lighting with the use of solar cells. Moscow is also trying to comply with the global tendency. On Friday September 17th on Veshnyakovskaya street there appeared a sports ground lighted with the help of solar cells. Producers of solar cells are saying that equipment shall be operating even in winter. More than that in winter it shall be working more efficiently: the lower the temperature, the higher the efficiency factor.

Denmark shares with its techologies

copenhagenOn September 17th during Sochi investment forum there took place the sitting of Russian-Danish energy efficiency working group. Experts discussed the experience of introduction of innovative resource saving technologies in energy, industrial sectors, residential and communal economy and agroindustrial sector and also announced the start of joint work on the establishment of a complex of wind parks and biogas installations in Krasnodar region.

Moscow parks in sun light

parkMoscow authorities are considering the possibility of shifting park lighting systems to solar cells, said the head of department of fuel and energy economy of Moscow Evgeny Sklyarov. Moscow is already using such technologies. For instance, doorways and yards of a number of residential houses at Leontyevsky pereulok and Michurinsky prospect are lighted basing on solar energy. Now the principle shall be used in park areas where is shall be economically feasible.

Pilot projects needed

renewable_energy_main_tcm28-29081The iphone porn share of renewable sources of energy within the fuel and energy balance of Russia shall amount to 3% by year 2030. An expert of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Keyko believes that the technical potential of using renewable sources of energy in Russia is quite significant: 7 bill 338 mill foe or 85,34 bill MWh, however it is not yet developed. For this reason he underlines the necessity to develop economic stimuli for using the renewables. In addition to that, it is necessary to implement some pilot, demonstration projects in the field.

WWF encourages Sberbank to renewables

WWF_LogoWWF supported the first 15 out of about 40 JI projects approved by the Ministry of economic development within the frames of Kyoto protocol in July 2010. Meanwhile for the second tender on Joint implementation projects to be held in 2010, WWF calls upon Sberbank and the Ministry of economic development to pay more attention to milestone projects that are strategically important for the country. These are renewable sources of energy, forests, principally new energy efficiency technologies.

First Russian solar power plant

solar-power-plantThe construction of the first Russian solar power plant may be launched in 2011 in the city of Kislovodsk. According to the preliminary estimates, the total capacity of the solar power plant shall amount to 13 МW, where 6,5 МW shall refer to electric energy output and 6,5 МW- to heat generation. Project investments amount to 3 bill rubles: 30% of the funds allocated by the state budget, while the rest covered by private investors and crediting banks.

Green Petersburg

6287According to the head of the committee on energy and engineering support Oleg Trishkin, St. Petersburg is considering the issue of using renewable sources of energy. In particular, he mentioned that despite the little potential of developing renewable sources of energy, the city is well fit for producing electric energy from biogas. Trishkin noted also the project of construction of wind power plants at Bely island which is under development now.

Siemens shall produce wind turbines in Russia

Siemens_Wind_direct_drive_German Siemens together with its two Russian partners shall establish  a joint venture  focusing at wind turbines production. The joint venture is planning to install wind turbines with the total capacity of 5000 MW for the sum of 5 bill Euro. The development of the partnership came possible only after the prime-minister of RF Vladimir Putin said that in 10 years Russia is planning to increase the share of renewable sources of energy within the total energy generation volume up to 4,5%.

Russia shall switch to biogas?

Biogas_landfillRumors say that executive authorities are coordinating the program of biogas energy development in Russia. It was decided to summon up all the resources left and focus on those sources of energy that shall require much less financing for their implementation. Such an alternative source of energy was selected to be biogas, and to be more particular, one of its forms – landfill gas. Allegedly the state is ready to allocate about 15-20 billion rubles for biogas energy program.

Global rating of renewable investments

greenworldAt the present moment China managed to come equal to the USA in regard to the attractiveness of investments in renewable energy. These are the results of a new global Ernst&Young rating of attractiveness of countries from the point of view of renewable sources of energy. Although Russia was not included into the list of most attractive investment countries, it possesses  significant potential for the development of renewable energy.

Obstacles to Russian renewables

renewable-energy-world-3267Development of renewable sources of energy (sunlight, wind, water, earth heat, biomass) is getting to be a global economic tendency being actively supported by the state. Russia is still only trying to follow this global tendency. The perspective of growth of the share of renewable energy up to 4,5% looks to be quite serious due to strong oil and gas lobby in Russia.

Moscow to receive biogas from waste water

aerotank-20-04-09The head of Moscow Department of housing and residential complex and city development Andrey Tsybin in his speech at All-Russian energy saving congress said that in the years to come it is planned to construct in Moscow two mini biogas thermal power plants. These shall be not the first thermal power plants of the kind in Russia: the first Russian 10 MW mini biogas TPP was opened in Moscow at Kuryanovskie treatment facilities early 2009 as a part of the program of searching for alternative sources of energy.

Norway helping Armenia

ararartA project of the first national state-of-the-art biogas plant operating basing on organic waste from Lusakert  Pedigree Poultry Plant has been successfully operating in Armenia since October 2008. Annual electrical generating capacity is 6 GWh. Waste heat recovery results in another 8 GWh per year. Total energy production is therefore around 14 GWh per year.

Renewable energy together with Canada

canada_jasperA milf porn wide range of issues regarding Russian-Canadian economic cooperation, including  energy dialogue, has been discussed during the working visit of the first deputy head of the government of Russia Viktor Zubkov to Canada. "Practically it concerns joint design, construction and operation of energy facilities using renewable sources of energy", - said Mr. Zubkov.

Russia today is a wind power market №1

wind-energy1At the present moment Russia has spent significant funds for the development of wind energy projects. The President of Russian Energy Association Oleg Bryzgunov believes that the potential capacity of Russian wind energy market is large. After the mechanisms of renewable projects will be in place (perspectively October 1st), Russia will present 5-7 bln. Euro wind power projects.

"Innovative Energy" - a priority project for the Ministry of Energy of Russia

electricityAccording to the Director of Department of the Ministry of Energy of Russia Sergei Mikhailov in April 2010  the Government of Russian Federation shall receive a draft of a decree which shall promote real and full scale development of renewable energy. «This is a draft of a decree regarding the manner of defining a surcharge added to the equilibrium price of the wholesale market. It comes to the definition of price for electric energy produced at qualified generating facilities basing on renewable sources of energy».

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