Russia reviews its stance

RenewableEnergyMoscow, May 29 (IANS/RIA Novosti) The Russian government believes renewable energy sources have a bright future, and will review its policies toward their broader use, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday. "At the moment, the use of renewable energy sources and green energy is far from what we would like it to be. We probably use only an inconsiderable part of our potential," Medvedev said at the Startup Village international investor conference at the Skolkovo hi-tech hub outside Moscow.

Smart bus stop at Irkutsk city

umostThe first interactive bus stop has appeared at Irkutsk.  The “smart” stop is made of stainless steel and impact resistant glass. The materials are resistant to the temperature of up to – 40° Celsius. The bus stop is equipped with a sensor display with the city map, a video surveillance camera, an integrated ambient temperature sensor and a free Wi-Fi system. The facility is also equipped with solar cells the energy from which is accumulated in helium batteries.

Wind-solar power plant at Baikal

baikal_vesInstallation of the first wind-solar power plant to supply energy to a remote Onguren settlement  has been launched at the western coast of Baikal lake, informed “Oblkommunenergy” company participating in the project. “The rated energy capacity to be generated at the combined power plant is determined at the value of 100 kW”, – says the message.  “The first portion of the units within the wind-solar plant with the installed capacity of 50 kW are planned to be launched in operation  in August”.

Bioenergy for agricultural complex

biogruppaThe draft of state program for 2013-2020 stipulates that the share of electric energy generated by agricultural producers using renewable sources of energy shall be increased from 0.3% up to 4.5% within the total volume of electric energy consumption. The Minister of agriculture Elena Skrynnik noted that the development of bioenergy within the agroindustrial complex is a strategically important direction.

Solar bus stops for Moscow

ostanovkaMoscow public transport stops shall supple themselves with electric energy necessary for lighting at night time. Among innovations to appear in Moscow within the frames of transport infrastructure modernization and optimization, the authorities underlined original ecological stops supplied by a renewable source of energy. They shall be equipped with solar cells. The energy accumulated during the day shall be used for lighting the pavilions at night time.

Renewables at the Kurile islands

kurilThe Ministry of energy of Russia have signed an agreement on financing the Kuriles energy program for 2012. The funds in the amount of 150 mill rubles are intended for the development of non-traditional sources of energy at the islands. In particular, they are intended for further reconstruction of Mendeleevskaya geothermal plant and the construction of wind diesel plant at Kunashir, and for the preparation of the project of reconstruction of Okeanskaya geothermal plant at Iturup.  

Wind and solar energy for Moscow parks

vorgoriThe installation of alternative sources of energy basing on solar cells and wind generators has been launched at specially protected natural areas of Moscow. The first systems appeared in natural reserves «Vorobyovy gory» and «The Setun’ river valley». «The Setun’ river valley» reserve has an autonomous system of alternative sources of lighting (a lighting column with a solar panel and a wind generator). Energy from the solar panels is accrued during the day, on windy weather the accumulator gets charged on a continuous basis.

Wind power plant at Sakhalin

saxalinJapanese Mitsui shall develop wind power at Sakhalin. The village of Novikovo was selected as the pilot site for the development of alternative sources of energy. The expected outcome should be the reduction of fuel costs. According to the Minister of investments and external communications of the island region Ekaterina Kotova, wind energy is an innovative project for Sakhalinskaya oblast, and the Russian part is very much interested in it.

Altay getting ready for construction

altai-hevelPreparation works for the construction of the first solar power plant at the most remote part of energy deficient republic of Altay shall be started in 2012, the cost of the project has not yet been determined, said deputy Head of the regional Government Robert Paltaller to the journalists. According to Paltaller, a 5 MW solar power plant is planned for construction at Коsh-Аgach village.

Heat of the Earth for rail road

zeldorAn teen celebrity porn unusual communal experiment is being performed at Kuybyshevskaya rail road. It was decided there to save resources and heat the company’s buildings using an alternative source of energy — a special unit accumulates the heat of the Earth. The initial cost of equipment installation amounted to almost 3 mill rubles. The economic effect shall be gained in 5 years. In absolute terms, the small control station already saves on heating more than half million rubles per year.

First Ural wind farm

wetroparkOn January, 13 CJSC «Intertekhelectro» and Sowitec International Gmbh shall sign the founding documents of a joint venture - LLC «Kurganskaya wind power plant». The company is established with the aim of implementing a project of construction of one of the first Russian wind farms with 50 MW of installed capacity. Should the favorable construction conditions be confirmed, Kurganskaya oblast shall be the first area in the Urals receiving green power on an industrial scale.

First Moscow solar hybrid plant

solkrischaOn December 19 it was announced about the installation of the first Moscow hybrid solar plant on the roof of the building of the Department of fuel and energy. The plant is composed of sixty six so called amorphous solar cells each 50W in capacity. The solar plant also includes Danfoss network inverter, redundancy unit and an automated “network/load” switch unit.

Solar traffic lights

svetoforNew traffic lights shall be installed at non-regulated pedestrian crossings which shall promote road safety. The lights shall be equipped with LED impulse indication which allows unmistakably identify the crossing at a big distance and secure the safe mode of movement in good time. LED used in traffic lights are the most long-life sources of light with low energy consumption which allows feed them on an autonomous basis using "solar cells".

Ministry incentives for renewable energy

minenergo1The Ministry of energy of Russia with the participation of the Ministry of regional development of Russia has completed the development of the project of a set of measures targeted at renewable energy generation. The document has been forwarded for approval at Federal executive authorities in order for it to be finalized and submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Solar paint

solar-panelThe scientists of Southern Federal University (SFU) have suggested a new solution to the problem of transforming solar rays into electric energy. They decided to refrain from silicon which used to be the key element in modern solar cells and shift to cheaper materials: paints based on zinc or titanium oxides. According to the scientists, these are contained in usual paints including those used for «painting fences».

Bioenergy on leading positions

biomass-energy-picturesBioenergy without large HPPs shall in the near future provide for 80% of all renewable energy generation in Russia, said the General director of Russian Energy Agency Vladimir Baskov. According to him, some 40 mill ha of ploughland is currently out of use. Such potential has to be developed basing on a complex approach. For this reason REA are intending to make the regions establish a priority for the consumption and generation of local energy resources.

RUSNANO invests in biofuel

rosnanojpgAs the means of developing alternative energy sector, RUSNANO co-invested in the development of renewable fuel production technology established and owned by Joule Unlimited. The total volume of project investments by RUSNANO amounted to USD 35 mill. RUSNANO funds shall be used for the improvement of technology and the establishment of an R&D center in Russia within the frames of Joule company international extension.

Solar energy for Moscow parks

ulichnoe_osveshenieMoscow authorities consider shifting street lighting system to solar cells, said the Head of Department of fuel and energy economy Evgeniy Sklyarov. Some days before Sklyarov announced that Moscow authorities are intending to introduce "smart lighting" to Moscow streets that presupposes regulating light ray depending on external environment, weather conditions, intensity of other sources of light and movement of transport and pedestrians.

Biofuel from waste

musorGrayvoronskiy iphone porn district of Belgorodskaya oblast may possibly soon achieve success in alternative energy. By the results of the meeting at the government, the administration decided to launch the development of a pilot project on recycling waste in biogas. The project site shall be prepared starting from November. Grayvoronskiy district should become a pilot sample, while the regional administration is planning to spread the experience all over the territory of  Belgorodskaya oblast.

Solar cells under way

Tomsk_solar-panelsIn summer 2012 an R&D institute for semiconducting devices together with the administration of Tomskaya oblast shall launch a project on the introduction of alternative sources of energy in rural areas – solar cells shall be installed for lighting purposes at one of the villages. They are especially efficient for remote settlements suffering difficulties with power supply», - said Vladimir Kovalenko. According to him, «one house needs a 3 system». Meanwhile a 1.5 kW power plant costs about 300.000 rubles.

Wind powered factory

TulganskTulganskiy viagra online electromechanical factory in Orenburgskaya oblast has launched a wind power unit. The wind power turbine is 200 kW in capacity. In addition to it, three 100 kW mini-boiler rooms have been launched in operation. According to the official press-release, the new installation shall fully cover electric energy needs of the factory.

The Sun and the Wind

Wind-Solar-Hybrid-Street-Light-JY-TYNLD-002-The first combined wind-photoelectric power plant shall appear in Irkutskaya oblast. According to the press service of Obkommunenergo, the facility shall be placed at an isolated Onguren village which is detached from the centralized electric power supply. According to the specialists, such a project implementation shall allow not only improve social and economic environment in the settlement, but shall also serve as a stimulus for developing a new direction for the region – small and renewable energy sector.

Experiment in Yakutia

domestic-solar-panelsAn experimental 10 kW solar power plant has been installed at Yakutia energy supply company Sakhenergo. The experimental system shall be used for research in order to develop practical skills of working with solar power plants equipment. The research includes testing various modes of operation in different conditions, revealing drawbacks and developing new engineering solutions for improving solar power plants operation in the Far North.

One more attempt

solar_power_wallpaperRussian energy companies Hevel and Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System of Russia (UES FGC) signed an agreement for the construction of solar generators. The first volume of energy from generators shall be used for the supply of facilities at APEC 2012. The agreement also presupposes the installation of solar systems for the substations of UES FGC. All the energy from the modules shall be supplied to the facilities of Russian electric grid.

The President focused on renewables

Medvedev_VIEThe President of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev named several perspective eco-projects that need to be focused at in the nearest time. And once again did he encourage businesses to support innovative environmental projects. We need to use the possibilities of alternative energy: both wind, solar, geothermal and other types of energy that are still being discussed, believes Medvedev. «It means not only using this potential in industry, but indeed using it in residential and communal utilities», said the president.

Source of real economy

astrakhan_solarAstrakhan oblast now has houses equipped with solar batteries.The solar energy gives some 12 V which is enough to light the entrances at night. When it gets dark, the light is switched on automatically – due to a special photomodule. The same device puts energy saving bulbs off in the morning. According to estimates, the alternative source of energy shall help save some 120 000 rubles per year on lighting the entrances and the yards.

Nobel Prize Winner supports renewables

Zhores_AlferovRenewable milf porn energy is more perspective than the creation of controlled thermonuclear reaction, believes Nobel Prize Winner Zhores Alferov. "Personally I am not sure if it will be possible to create an energy reliable thermonuclear source  - "The Sun of the Earth". It is much easier to construct solar energy transformers of the Earth", - said Alferov. The scientist mentioned also the issue of nuclear safety. "Chernobyl came to be the first crisis in nuclear energy sector. The events in Japan proved this to be no play of chance", - Alferov stated.

Russian-Dutch agreement

Flag-Pins-Netherlands-RussiaRussia and Holland have signed a Memorandum of understanding in the field of innovations and energy efficiency. The Russian and the Dutch parties agreed to develop mutually beneficial cooperation on energy efficiency and saving and renewable sources of energy. The Memorandum stipulates regular exchange of information between the universities, technological centers and industrial enterprises of the two countries in regard to low carbon technologies and know-hows in the field of energy efficiency and saving and renewables.

Russia's ready to study Austrian experience

russia_austriaThe sexy lesbian porn President of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev announced that Russia is ready to study Austrian experience in the field of alternative energy. «Our partners possess quite a good experience of creating alternative energy, the so-called "green" energy, "green" economy. In this respect we are ready to study it carefully, conclude necessary agreements and work within the frames of these agreements», - said Medvedev during a joint press-conference in Moscow together with the President of Austria Heinz Fischer.

Sunny yurts

tuvaThe Tyva milf photos Republic in the Russian Federation shall use the experience of Mongolia implementing a «100 thousand yurts» project for the supply of shepherds with autonomous energy sources. The Tyva Republic has developed a two-years programs for the supply of solar batteries to shepherds. These shall be installed on the roofs or near the yurts. Electric energy accumulated in sunny Tyva during the day shall be sufficient not only to charge a mobile phone or a lamplight, but also to operate a computer, a refrigerator and a TV-set.

Advanced technologies in Lipetsk

lipetskTwo unusual lamps have been installed at one of the yards of Lipetsk. According to the mayor’s press-service office, such lamps do not need connecting to city external lighting grids as soon as they are supplied from solar batteries and can generate electric energy on their own. The accumulator can be charged even in Russian not too bright day light conditions. Using such lamps all over the city could save up to 80% of electric energy.

Solar heated Olympics

sochi_2014Alternative sources of energy shall be used for the energy supply of Sochi Olympic facilities. According to the projects, four facilities presuppose the use of solar energy.  Solar energy shall be used for external lighting, water heating and as a reserve power supply. State corporation also contemplates the use of other alternative sources in Olympic construction – the energy of the water, wind, soil and heat emitted by residential buildings. Solar batteries are preferred as soon as Sochi has some 300 sunny days per year.

The problem of investments

klinIn cartoon porn Klinskiy district it is planned to construct 4 wind power plants that shall eventually result in a wind farm. According to the authors of the project, Klinskiy district has quite a stable wind situation and significant demand for electric energy.  However during the project implementation there emerged unforeseen obstacles, the high cost of customs fees made the authors of the project increase the budget. Necessary financial means have not been found, thus the generation of electricity from the air in the district has been suspended.

A partner to rely upon

norwegian-flag-640On April 6 the governor of Murmanskaya oblast Dmitriy Dmitrienko and the governor of Norwegian Finnmark Gunnar Hennoy signed a number of important documents defining further cooperation between Murmanskaya oblast and Norway, including a contract for the continuation of the project on the replacement of lighthouses at the North-West of Russia with solar cells. "Norway shall remain a partner in this cooperation", said Finnmark governor Gunnar Hennoy to the journalists. "A partner to rely upon."

Solar energy from the Moon

fc-full-moonScientists from the Institute of semiconductor physics of Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Huston University (USA) are working at a joint project of installing solar cells at a large territory of the Moon. Accumulated solar energy from the cells would be directed to the Earth using lasers. According to the scientists, the advantage of creating whole "fields of solar cells" on the Moon is the absence of any dust or clouds there and no sunless days at all.

V.Zubkov is promoting biogas

zubkovFirst Vice Prime minister of Russia Viktor Zubakin believes that Russian agricultural enterprises should be shifting to non-waste production. It is thus necessary to introduce new technologies while the state promises to support such production. Among others V.Zubkov underlined biogas. «We can launch the production of such inexpensive biogas units. Rosagroleasing may provide for long-term leasing. We shall agree about that – this may be 10-15 years, for it not to be disadvantageous».

Bioenergy received support

BioEnergy_BioFuels_BioMassThe Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation is interested in developing a draft law on using alternative sources of energy in agricultural sector of economics. Every year the country generates more than 770 mill tones of agricultural waste that may be used to produce some 66 bill cubic meters of biogas, or approximately 110 bill kWh of electric energy, said the head of Federal bioenergy center Vladimir Baskov and added that the main strategic task is the organization of the turnover of biomass in the country.

Skolkovo to raise the share of renewables

RenewableEnergy11After the disasters in Japan Skolkovo innovations center may increase the number of projects connected with renewable energy, said on Wednesday the Vice-president of Skolkovo fund Stanislav Naumov. In his opinion, the value of renewable projects shall be increased in the future. "We believe that the trend shall escalate exactly from economic point of view – the price of one kW shall be acceptable for startup investments".

Renewables by Lukoil in Bulgaria

lukoil_officeLukoil is considering the possibility of developing alternative energy sector in Bulgaria and Romania, Vasily Zubakin, deputy head of the company's main energy division, said as quoted by news agency RIA Novosti. He noticed that “so far as Russia has no mechanism to support alternative energy, our investment activities shall be focused abroad”.

Its own wind park for Kolsky peninsula

KolskyA adult anime wind park shall be erected at Kolsky peninsula. For the construction of the wind park there was allocated an area near Lodeynoye settlement, along the road Murmansk – Tumanny – Serebryanskie HPPs. The subsidiary of IDGC of North-West «Коlenergo» are developing various variants of technological connection of wind energy facilities to the grid. So far it is only known that it is planned to construct 80 wind units with the total capacity of 200 MW.

RusHydro manufactured wind plants

rushydro_new_logoRusHydro are planning to establish a Joint Venture for the production of wind installations together Siemens and Russian Technologies State Corporation. Production capacities of the planned venture shall allow produce wind units of up to 500 MW. The project presupposes the use of Siemens technologies upon the condition of deep localization of the production enterprise in Russia which shall create more than 400 jobs in the project location.

Solution for remote settlements

31060825_Wind_turbinesA wind power plant shall be constructed in 2011 at Gyda national settlement at the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, said on Sunday the first deputy Governor of the district Vladimiк Vladimirov.The capacity of the wind power plant shall make 2 MW. There shall be 4 generators manufactured by Rybinsk machine building factory. At the present moment 90% of electric energy is generated due to gas generation. The energy consumption amounts to 11 GW of electric energy where the energy shortage is 1 GW.

Success of turf bioenergy sector

new_torfobriket01On February 16 in Tverskaya oblast there took place an opening ceremony of an enterprise for processing turf and manufacturing biologically clean turf bricks. The plant currently has one production line with the capacity of 7500 tons per year. In 2011 it is planned to launch a second line and three more lines in 2012. Thus the total volume of production of turf bricks shall amount to 35 thousand tons per year.

RusHydro advancing at Kamchatka

KamchatkaRusHydro are intending to attract Icelandic companies to the development of its own geothermal energy sector at Kamchatka. The plan consists in possible partnership or the purchase of shares in energy assets of Iceland. One of RusHydro partners may be Reykjavik Geothermal. Deputy head of RusHydro George Rizhinashvili told about another perspective project. According to him, there is a possibility of constructing a large 250 MW geothermal plant basing on existing Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant.

Breakthrough of Russian scientists

sun-raysSpecialists from Novosibirsk innovative company SUN have developed a unique technology for the production of solar batteries. Now the photocells of solar batteries may be applied as paint and printed at suitable surfaces where nano-materials may serve as a basis instead of traditional silicon plates. And this is a kind of a revolution as well. While traditional solar batteries require direct solar radiation, nanostructures allow generate electric energy even when in shadow.

Sochi port shall go green

sochi_portThe project of Sochi sea port reconstruction shall be certified according to the requirements of BREEAM international Environmental Assessment Method and satisfy all the standards of International Olympic Committee. According to experts, Sochi port reconstruction facilities shall receive “Very good” rating. The project presupposed low consumption of energy and resources, usage of renewable sources of energy, efficiency buildings operation, application of environmentally friendly materials and a high level of comfort inside the premises.

Inter RAO interested in the wind

inter_raoBy gay sex 2015 «Inter RAO UES» are planning to increase the installed capacity of their generating assets by 2,2 times up to 40 GW. Such data is included into the company development strategy. The company is considering Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, Venezuela and the  Near East as the key regions for future purchases. In addition to that, the strategy stipulates fuel balance diversification, development of hydro generation and renewable sources of energy, first of all wind energy.

Eco-clock in Moscow

clockOn January 22 the mayor of Russian capital Sergey Sobyanin opened the first Moscow ecological and educational center «Vorobievy Gory» where he launched Moscow «ecological clock» according to which the visitors of the center may now in real time mode see the level of water and electric energy consumption as well as the amount of CO2 emissions both in Moscow and in Russia, and in the whole world.

Innovations for kids

kinder_garten_pyatigorskPyatigorsk lesbian videos municipality is searching for the ways to save energy resources, one of these being the reduction of expenses for communal services at municipal establishments due to the introduction of energy saving technologies. Solar collectors for heating the water and electric energy generation shall be installed as a part of the experiment at the municipal kindergarten "Маlysh".

Sunny perspectives

Solar-Power-PlantRenewable sources of energy shall be inevitably included into the energy balance of Russia. It feels like in the nearest years, if not months, the sector of renewables shall shift from R&D to the field of exclusively commercial projects. The South of Russia is preparing for the construction of industrial solar power plants where it comes not only to «classic» photoelectric power plants, but also to less widely spread technologies.

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