Interview of the Partner of the company Mr. Ragnar Ottosen to Dagens Naeringsliv

The gay porn videos attitude towards energy efficiency and more environmentally friendly production has changed radically over to the green in Russia. Because it makes economic sense.

- nude celebrities    In the last years there has been a significant change in public attitude in Russia in favor of energy efficiency. This has taken place independent of discussions of climatic change, because the Russians see that this is good business., says Ragnar Ottosen.

Ragnar nude celebrities Ottosen was one of the central persons in the deregulation of the Norwegian electricity market and has in the last 5 years worked as advisor for Russian companies based on the companies Rosnor Energo and the Norwegian-Russian partnershipGreenfuel/ R-energo.

Wish to modernize

Ottosen says that president Medvedev has taken a leading role in modernizing the Russian industry. In this process energy efficiency plays a key role in the government’s strategy. As an example, buildings will from now on have to satisfy several requirements regarding energy efficiency.

- black porn    Efficiency is important because it increases the competitiveness of the industry, says Ragnar Ottosen

He buy generic diflucan online says that Russia in many ways is in the same situation as Norway some years ago. Cold climate combined with a large power intensive industry sector and cheap and plentiful access to energy. This meant that few people cared so much about saving energy.

Ottosen also states that Russians are tired of being regarded as old fashioned and wasting energy and that they want to demonstrate to the world that they also can be efficient when it comes to energy . It is now the authorities that takes a leading role and implements a large set of measures to promote energy efficiency. A change in attitude is also taking place among the citizens.

With buy generic kamagra online the high energy use, especially in the power intensive industries, Ottosen says that there is an enormous potential for energy savings in Russia. In addition a large share of the buildings in Russia is old and not energy efficient.

- nolvadex online    The measures are not necessarily linked to climate change considerations. This effect is an extra bonus, the main incentive is that energy efficiency is good business.

Big lonely milf in quotas

On hentai porn movies the climate change summit in Copenhagen it was not Russia that stepped on the brakes.  Rather the opposite.

After the dissolving of the Soviet Union, Russia sits on a large emission quotas becase of the former inefficient heavy industry. The quotas are allocated based on 1990 emissions.

A large part of this industry is now closed down or modernized and made more efficient. This means that Russia will have a large volume of unused quotas that can be sold, also to Norway, when such scheme comes in place.