One adult anime of the main goals for R-Energo is to use Norwegian experience and expertise within energy efficiency and renewable energy sector at Russian market.

R-Energo black porn together with its Norwegian partner company Greenfuel AS took the initiative and arranged a presentation seminar in Norway with the participation of the representatives of Russian agencies and companies addressing renewable energy and energy efficiency, with special focus on possibilities for Russian-Norwegian cooperation within this field in the North-West of Russia.

The seminar took place in Norway,  in the cities of Oslo and  Tromsø, on November 24 to 30, 2009, with support from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

During the seminar the following participants presented their vision on energy efficiency and energy saving issues:

- teen celebrity porn the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Norway with the presentation «Norwegian situation on renewable energy development and energy efficiency»

- diflucan online The Barents Secretariat with the presentation «Co-operation between Russia and Norway regarding energy, environments and economic development in Northern areas»

- buy generic clomid online Norwegian Energy and Water Resources Authority with the presentation «Energy efficiency and renewable energy, examples of regulations and other incentives»

- best lesbian porn Norwegian state company Enova with the presentation «Coordinated Norwegian incentives on energy efficiency and renewable energy, examples of Enova incentives»

- lesbian sex Troms municipality with the presentation «Examples of energy efficiency projects implemented in public buildings in the city of Tromsø»

- buy zithromax LED Lighting Europe with the presentation «Advantages and the outlook for LED lighting technology»

The participants of the seminar also watched the presentations of Norwegian companies Troms Kraft AS, Barlindhaug AS,  Statsbygg, Greenfuel AS, Havgul Clean Energy AS, Norsk Hydro AS, Point Carbon AS.