R-Energo model


R-Energo cartoon porn concept is based on R-energo Efficiency Planning System (REPS). The company’s specialists have used the years of experience from administrating and designing energy efficiency programs in a liberalized electric power market based on a situation with energy exports in order to prepare an overall planning tool for such programs.

The best hentai porn planning tool is intended for collecting data from individual efficiency projects or groups of projects and calculating the main planning variables. It is supposed that these variables may be used for deciding which energy efficiency programs shall give the most benefits for the  economy in general. Such information also gives the necessary input to decide the level of support for investment projects, The REPS model also provides the administrator of the programs a tool to report all relevant data and financial results from the programs.

The hentai porn pics REPS model also allows to calculate the main variables for individual efficiency projects and gives the basis for investment decisions and applications for loans and available support schemes

The sexy lesbian porn main inputs into the REPS model are the estimated energy savings, energy prices and the costs of the investments. The profitability of each project, or type of project, is calculated and presented in graphs and an overview, giving a presentation where the economic benefits are the greatest. The model can also calculate the value of the emission reduction from the investments. In addition to key economic results (IRR and NPV), the model also allows to project the financial results, balance sheet and cash flow. The model is therefore a combined tool to perform economic analysis of individual projects as well as groups of projects and to calculate the total results from state funded energy efficiency programs. The model also gives a financial risk analysis.

Energy milf porn efficient investments also have other important benefits, like more efficient manufacturing processes, increased comfort in houses, etc. Such benefits are normally not counted into the energy planning assumptions, but must be taken into account in specific investments. Such benefits may be included in the calculations performed by the model.