Norway’s lesbian sex energy efficiency programs originated from the late 1970-ies, with several plans prepared as Reports to the Norwegian Parliaments (Energy Efficiency Plans). The 1990-ies can be described as a period where efficiency programs were adjusted based on the liberalization of the electricity market that occurred in Norway in 1991 – 1992. The period after 2000 can be described as a period of reorganizing governmental structures into more target oriented institutions and setting targets on renewable energy development. Norwegian experience may therefore be described as a process leading up to an energy efficiency organization that takes all the aspects of liberalized markets, target based planning and environmental aspects.

It’s black porn worth noting that starting from the late 1980-ies the main principle of electric power sector in Norway has been that the energy prices shall reflect the market value, after the same principle as the liberalization of Russian energy market. A high energy price reflecting its actual cost will make investments in energy efficiency more profitable, while a low price makes them less profitable.

Strong zithromax online focus is also given in Norway to efficiency in electricity intensive industries (production of aluminium, ferro-alloys) and reducing the use of electricity for heating purposes in households, investment support Programs are created for special Demonstration Projects and Prototype Projects. For many years by now there have been introduced education programs improving skills in energy efficiency performance and technology in organizations responsible for maintaining buildings.

An mobile teen porn important step in the development of energy conservation measures in Norway was to involve the Norwegian Electricity and Water Recourses Administration, a directorate under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (NVE). NVE is a directorate responsible for analyzing the performance of the power system and licensing new power production and high voltage grid investment. Further on with the aims of making the activity of the directorate more efficient, a certain share of its functions has been transferred to a state owned company Enova SF responsible for administration of an independent investment fund with money supplied from the state budget.