Renewable lesbian porn movies sources of energy are mainly remarkable for being endless and environmentally friendly. Using them does not affect the energy balance of the planet. Renewable sources of energy play a significant role when solving the three global problems facing the humanity: energy, ecology, food supplies. 66 countries of the world have developed renewable energy programs and plans.

So, gay porn videos by 2020 Sweden is planning to completely abandon hydrocarbon fuel. By 2020 ЕU is planning to receive 20% of marketable energy due to the use of renewables, China - 15%.

The buy generic cialis online best way to promote the renewables is to adopt a corresponding law. Such legislative acts and national programs have been adopted in 63 states. 44 countries of the world have «The standards of alternative energy portfolios» which require that electric power retailers should obligatorily use a certain share of renewable energy.

The buy generic levitra online first step of the Russian Government towards the development of renewable sources of energy was the introduction of amendments into Federal law N35 “About electric power sector” on November 4th, 2007 which introduced the notion of “renewable sources of energy”, named the sources attributed by the state to the renewable ones as well as defined the main directions, principles and methods of supporting the sector of renewables.

On gay porn pics January 8th, 2009, under the signature of the Head of the Government of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin there was adopted one of the currently most important documents  – the Decree of the Government N1-р “The basic directions of state policy in the field of increasing energy efficiency of electric power sector basing on the use of renewable sources of energy until 2020” establishing the principles of state policy, the set of development measures and target figures (4,5% of renewable electric power compared to the total volume of generated energy by 2020).