Competition for the subsidies

The celebrity news Head of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree about the distribution of subsidies to be allocated in 2012 from the federal budget among the regional budgets for financing the costs connected with the implementation of regional energy saving and efficiency programs.

The lesbian videos subsidies for the total sum over 5,7 bill rubles have been distributed among 36 regions. The funding from the federal budget of one subject of the Russian Federation amounts to 45 to 500 mill rubles. This year 70 regions submitted their applications, whereas the main reason for the rejection to provide a subsidy was the absence of relevant funding for the regional energy saving program from the regional budget.

The gay sex co-financing priority shall be given to the regional projects at pre-investment phase, i.e. the projects shall be mainly selected based on the creation of incentives for attracting investments into the region. As a result, there shall be solved one of the main tasks stipulated when providing support from the funds of the federal budget – stimulation via co-financing.