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Within levitra online the frames of the Baltic Sea Action Plan R-Energo specialists spent 7 months for the research and development of the Program of construction of biogas electric power plants utilizing livestock waste and generating electric energy and heat at the territory of the North-Western federal region of the Russian Federation in view of these territories being a part of the Baltic water shed district.

Instructed kamagra online by the Ministry of energy of Russia, the Department of energy efficiency and modernization of fuel and energy complex studied R-Energo’s Program and noted that «the implementation of the Program of construction of biogas electric power plants at the territory of the North-Western federal region of Russia presented by R-Energo satisfies the targets of the state policy of the Russian Federation on increasing the energy efficiency of electric energy sector based on renewable sources of energy as well as it shall promote the reduction of environmental load, rational use of energy resources and  raising the level of energy safety and reliability of energy supply due to the increased level of decentralization».

In Teen Porn order for Russia to reach the leading positions in the field of development and use of biotechnologies within the various sectors of national economy, on April 24, Russian Federation President V.V.Putin adopted a Complex program of developing biotechnologies in the Russian Federation for the period until 2020 where the basic tasks include the creation of an infrastructure for the development of biotechnologies in Russia, establishment and implementation of priority and investment projects on biotechnologies, wide scale development of bio industries in Russian regions, solution of acute social and economic, energy, environmental and other national problems  using the methods and tools of biotechnologies.

According 3d hentai porn to the Baltic Sea Action Plan adopted by Helsinki Committee on November 15,2007 at Krakow, one of the priorities in regard to the reduction of phosphorus contents in waste waters getting into the Baltic sea is the implementation of economically feasible projects on waste utilization at large animal farms.