Funding for energy efficiency

«The lesbian porno positive experience of using energy efficient and energy saving technologies in Russia needs to be multiplied», - said the representatives of the National association of engineering companies by the results of the sitting of the Expert group on financing energy efficient projects under the aegis of the Committee of Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs on energy policy and energy efficiency.

The gay porn event took place on July 4, 2012 in Moscow. The meeting of the Expert group was dedicated to the discussion of issues connected with energy service contracts, financial and technological support of energy efficient projects.

The lesbian sex head of Department of legislative development in energy sector and innovations of the Russian energy agency Aleksey Tulikov spoke about the peculiarities of the Energy financial agency that is being created in order to structure and raise long-term funding of energy efficiency and saving projects for small and middle sized business units.

There buy generic kamagra online is now a system of projects criteria (with both technical and financial components) focused at the following directions: state municipal establishments, industry and transport, communal utilities.

In hot gay porn his turn the representative of EBRD Aleksey Zakharov  suggested that an alternative to the direct funding of energy saving contracts should be seen in factoring. There is however a number of barriers preventing from the development of this direction: the term of factoring in Russia does not exceed the period of 1 year; the banks possess no practice on ESCO factoring; there are no state guarantees for the mechanism.

The celeb sex tapes participants of the meeting noted that the forecasted energy sector development in Russia requires large financial, scientific and time costs. For example, the North-Western federal region is characteristic of non-uniformity of the consumption of energy resources. The funding of regional energy saving programs varies for a number of reasons: gasification of districts, availability of industrial enterprises, etc. For instance, Novgorodskaya oblast receives about 3,0 bill rubles, while St. Petersburg - 210,5 bill rubles. There is no unified evaluation and approach to energy saving programs.

The best hentai porn participants of the meeting  supported the idea of creating unified regional energy service operators as well as the necessity of developing educational activities on energy saving.