Wind-solar power plant at Baikal

Installation cartoon porn of the first wind-solar power plant to supply energy to a remote Onguren settlement  has been launched at the western coast of Baikal lake, informed “Oblkommunenergy” company participating in the project.

 “The lesbian porno rated energy capacity to be generated at the combined power plant is determined at the value of 100 kW”, – says the message.  “The first portion of the units within the wind-solar plant with the installed capacity of 50 kW are planned to be launched in operation  in August”.

 A videos gays decision to erect a wind-solar power plant was made in July 2011 at the sitting of the scientific expert council on energy efficiency established by the decree of the Government of Irkutskaya oblast.

 The celeb sex videos pilot project should reveal if alternative energy may be developed at the coast of Baikal lake where the construction of energy facilities is prohibited.  

 Onguren lesbian xxx settlement  is the farthest Northern and hard to access settlement at Maloe Sea  of Baikal  which is isolated from central power supply, with electricity supplied from the diesel pant for only 3-4 hours per day.