Bioenergy for agricultural complex

The buy generic diflucan online draft of state program for 2013-2020 stipulates that the share of electric energy generated by agricultural producers using renewable sources of energy shall be increased from 0.3% up to 4.5% within the total volume of electric energy consumption.

Annual celeb sex tapes volume of agricultural waste within Russian agroindustrial complex amounts to over 770 mill tons. It is an important source of energy which being processed may result in biogas, electric energy and heat, high-protein feed for animals and poultry. For example, using them one may receive 66 bill m3 of gas which is equivalent to 33 bill liters of gasoline and about 120 mill tons of high quality granulated fertilizer.

The videos gays Minister of agriculture Elena Skrynnik noted that the development of bioenergy within the agroindustrial complex is a strategically important direction. According to her, current state program stipulates subsidies for a part of credit costs connected with the purchase of biogas units. A number of Russian regions are implementing pilot projects for the creation of biogas units for handling agricultural waste, adopting bioenergy development programs.

«These phone porn projects implementation promotes the solution of a number of significant economic, social and ecological tasks», - the Minister underlined.

It nude celebrities has been decided to establish an intersectoral working group in order to coordinate works on the development of bioenergy in agricultural production which will include the representatives of the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of energy, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of industry and trade and Russian agricultural academy. Regional agricultural authorities have been recommended to include waste handling bioenergy facilities when implementing economically significant programs within crop production and livestock breeding complex.