Energy efficiency in communal sector

In lesbian videos order to stabilize the share of payments for communal services within the budgets of Russian families, Dmitry Medvedev suggested establishing federal energy efficiency standards within the communal sector.

"I milf photos believe it to be extremely important that we establish federal standards for reliable quality and energy efficiency in communal sector. People should have an opportunity to receive a complete set of such services for quite significant money these services cost today. Meanwhile the share of such payments within the budgets of families has to be stabilized, if not in short-term, then at least in mid-term perspective", - Medvedev said.

He hentai porn videos reminded that the country had launched "big works on increasing energy efficiency". "The task remains the same, it is obvious for everyone – by 2020 we need to achieve the reduction of energy intensity of GDP by 40% compared to 2008. This task can be achieved", - noted the candidate for the position of the Prime minister.

He real celebrity porn added also that the energy itself should become cleaner – by 2015 the share of renewable energy should be raised minimum by 2,5% from the total volume compared to current 1%. "These measures shall also help significantly improve the ecological situation in the country", - summed up Medvedev.