Rethinking energy efficiency

This cartoon porn week Russian Energy Agency (REA) gathered in Moscow the representatives of the regions in order to once again summarize the results of implementing 2009 law on energy saving. Two years of work made the officials realize the necessity of shifting the terms of performing its basic provisions – as well as increasing the liability of energy audit self-regulated organizations. 

One hd mobile porn hundred percent of Russian regions, not without the help of REA, have finally prepared their energy saving programs. According to the deputy head of Department of energy efficiency, modernization and development of fuel and energy complex of the Ministry of energy Aleksey Kulapin, in 2011, 54 out of  83 regions have actually received the whole sum of federal subsidies payable according to the federal program until 2020 (5,1 bill rubles out of 5,27 bill rubles; distributed depending on the amount of co-financing) for their programs implementation. However it is only 6 regions that have used the federal funds, while 28 regions haven’t spent a penny. "The programs management is very bad. Using subsidies does not signify the quality of energy consumption rationalization",- concluded the REA. REA Director on programs and legislation development Irina Zadirako said that the regions most often do not put any strategic targets but only insulate houses and install double-glazed windows.

The hentai videos representatives of the regions, in their turn, were complaining behind the scene: the government adopted the decree for the allocation of subsidies way too late – it is physically impossible to use until the end of the year the funds that were received in September. This week it turned out also that the next governmental decree for the allocation of subsidies for 2012 has not yet been adopted, however the representative of the Ministry of energy of Russia asked the regions to prepare by July all the documents necessary and said that inefficient users (according to the agency in the amount of 51 regions) shall not be entitled to new allocations.

The milf porn head of REA Timur Ivanov announced in his turn that "many of the measures implemented during the first year of the state program implementation are of pre-investment nature". The basic ones are the receipt of energy passports. According to the Deputy head of the Ministry of energy Alexander Dybov, the ministry received 9,000 passports, out of which only some 800 passports have been registered whereas the rest of the documents have been prepared incorrectly. "We can say that basing on such inspections, no efficiency can basically be reached",- he acknowledged. Neither officials, nor experts conceal that it costs today 10,000-15,000 rubles to receive an energy passport (meanwhile qualitative energy inspection costs 40,000-100,000 rubles). "We are number one in the world by the quantity of energy audit self-regulated organizations. But the energy passports are often nothing else but information rubbish",- said the Executive director of  Center for Energy Efficiency (CENEf) Igor Bashmakov. REA are planning to solve the problem by developing qualification requirements to auditors and introducing joint liability of self-regulated organizations and auditors. Mr. Bashmakov meanwhile believes obligatory audit to be unnecessary – it is only in South European countries that it exists in such a form.

The celebrity porn quality of Russian energy service market reflects also the absence of any single large Western company in it: there are still no legal guarantees of energy efficient investments pay back for regulated organizations and energy saving companies in Russia, whereas banks do not accept energy service contracts as the basis for funding. So far REA are planning to solve the problem by establishing an energy financial agency basing on Vnesheconombank. "By spring 2012 we are expecting it to earn the volume of investments for the first year – about 2 bill rubles",- said Mr. Ivanov. The Agency shall be funding small projects - "indicatively 1 to 50 mill rubles", as soon as the state is currently ready to fund interest rates for 0,5-1 bill rubles projects only. This state service is not in demand – the bureaucratic procedure of receiving the guarantees is too complicated, besides the budget sector simply does not have such projects, acknowledge the REA. EBRD believe that an efficient tool for attracting long-term money into the projects might be factoring that shall allow refinance indebtedness via selling the right of claim by energy service contracts. They suggest that the government and interested businesses establish a specialized factoring company in the form of an Open joint-stock company.

Despite celebrity nude the general positive mood of officials during the meeting, REA believe that the two years of law enforcement practice in energy saving sector have proven the necessity to introduce amendments into the Federal law on energy saving, Administrative Code and other laws – which is now under discussion at the Ministry of energy. Alongside with it there shall continue the development of by-laws for the valid version of the law of energy saving.