Climate research for energy saving

«Construction celebrity porn climatology» shall help increase the energy value of buildings and reduce energy costs by 15–20%. The Mayor’s house are planning to perform a global research of Moscow climate in view of all of its changes within the last 30 years with the aim of developing a new town planning concept. The results are intended to promote energy efficiency of buildings and reduce energy costs during construction by 15–20% on average. In the long term perspective that should help decrease the dynamics of average temperature rise in the city.

The mobile porn videos total cost of the research is estimated in the amount of 29,5 mill rubles. The work should result in the development of a project of «Construction climatology. Regional applications for the city of Moscow» with account for climate changes starting from 1980 until 2011 and including a data base of hourly climatic parameters at the whole territory of Moscow region.

According young gay porn to experts, precise hourly climatic monitoring shall help correctly calculate heating and electric energy capacity for every single building in particular, which shall have a positive energy efficient impact.

Such nude celebrities works have long been practiced by other cities around the world. In Moscow this shall be the first full scale climatic monitoring. According to Pavel Konstantinov from the geographical faculty of Moscow state university, energy efficiency of buildings was previously «approximately calculated» which did not have the best effect on urban environment.

According hentai porn pics to Konstantinov, the situation could be improved via climatically correct town planning strategy with the creation of «well ventilated» districts, green and water cooling spaces, «green roofs» as well as the use of new construction technologies — in particular, materials that «accumulate less heat».