New look of Sochi at night

The celebrity porn city of Sochi shall soon have a new look at night. An agreement is currently on the way that shall make the streets of the resort lighter and safer. The program of street lighting modernization shall be additionally funded from the regional budget and will help replace street lights with their modern substitutes.

The cell phone porn financing agreement shall be signed shortly.  Within the project implementation new street lights have appeared at the 77 streets of Sochi — both in urban and country areas. It is worth noting that energy saving is an obligatory condition of street lighting system modernization.

Electric hentai videos engineers install not simply new bulbs, but experimental LEDs. After the installation the maintenance organization shall perform the monitoring in order to see how durable, economic and bright they are. By the results of the analysis it will be decided whether it is feasible to install such kind of lighting at all the street of the city of Sochi.