Project expertise at the Agency of strategic initiatives

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On lonely milf March 29, 2012 the Partner at R-Energo Armen Markaryan presented the Project of construction of Novgorod biogas power plant during the sitting of the working group «Business projects evaluation» of the expert council of the Agency of strategic initiatives.

According phone sex video to Armen Markaryan, the essence of the project consists in biogas production using manure from livestock breeding complex and further generation of electric energy and heat for supplying the livestock breeding complex, adjacent settlements and for output to the grid. It is planned to use the technology of mesophilic treatment of manure inside an anaerobic digester. The installed capacity shall be 1,4 MW with further increase up to 2,8 MW.

The gay porn videos working group performed the initial expertise of projects that were evaluated and estimated by ASI experts according to the «Criteria of commercial projects selection». R-Energo project was one of the eleven projects approved by the expert committee.

«There hot lesbian porn are still more and more interesting projects, it is thus yet more difficult to select them, - said the director of “New business” direction Artyom Avetisyan during the sitting of the Expert council. – We studied new projects today that are being implemented at the 15 regions of Russia. The total cost of the projects amounts to 9 bill rubles. The cost of the projects ranges from 300 mill up to 1,5 bill rubles. The average cost of one project is 680 mill rubles. We are happy to see that every time the quality of documents and business plans submitted by the project initiators is getting better, which we witnessed today».

The nude celebrities projects that passed initial expert evaluation and have been approved by the working group of the expert council, shall in April be presented to the bureau of the Expert council of the Agency of strategic initiatives.

The phone porn sitting of the working group was broadcasted in real-time mode at ASI web-site. A report about the event can be found at


* Аutonomous phone erotica non-commercial organization “Agency of strategic initiatives for new projects promotion» was created by the decree of the Head of the Government of the Russian Federation V.Putin on May 17, 2011 and targeted, among others, at the promotion of new projects and initiatives of rapidly growing middle business and in social sphere as well as at the improvement of business climate.