Energy saving for movie visitors

Department best lesbian porn of fuel and energy complex of Moscow is planning to procure commercial time at the cinemas of the capital  in order to broadcast before the movies a video about the necessity to save electricity.

The anime hentai porn Department is planning to spend the total of 12,6 mill rubles for the creation and broadcasting of the commercial video on energy saving. The video shall be broadcasted for 42 days — June to August — at 28 cinemas and 200 movie halls of Moscow. Within that period of time the video shall be shown 60 000 times to 1 mill viewers.

It black girl anal is the first time that the campaign implemented within the frames of city energy saving program shall involve cinemas — until that the advertisement was placed at outdoor-carriers (billboards, screens, bust stops) and information brochures only. «In the future we are planning to broadcast the video on TV», — say the representatives of the Department.

According adult anime to the representatives of Karo-film network of cinemas, the basic movies audience currently includes youth aged 17 tо 25. Social commercials shall be targeted at them.

Demonstration hot lesbian porn of videos before the movie is considered to be efficient from the perceptive point of view. «Visiting a movie is a kind of an event for many people, thus the viewer is psychologically ready to perceive more information. Besides, unlike in case with billboards and TV-commercials, when at a cinema we can’t switch it off and ignore the information», — noted Pavel Lopanov, the head of Karo-film press service.