R-Energo's seminar

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On phone porn March 22, 2012 at the business center of Intercontinental Tverskaya hotel there took place R-Energo’s seminar devoted to «Investment possibilities of biogas projects implementation at the North-West of Russia».

The phone porn Partner at R-Energo Armen Markaryan presented the company’s developments on studying the Investment possibilities of biogas projects implementation at the North-West of Russia within the frames of the Baltic sea Action plan. As he noted in his speech, the wash over from fertilized fields together with urban communal waste and waste from primarily livestock breeding complexes results in big amounts of poisonous nitrogen and of no less poisonous phosphorous getting into the sea. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates, the ecosystem of the Baltic sea is at the edge of destruction — dead areas where due to the lack of oxygen there is nothing alive left, according to various estimates totally reach 40 000 to 70 000 sq.m. and is constantly increasing.

According teen celebrity porn to the tasks within the Baltic Sea Action Plan of the Helsinki Commission (BSAP), R-Energo have developed the Program of construction of efficient complexes at the North-West of Russia incorporating a biogas plant, a biohumus production unit and an energy efficient greenhouse, where the aggregate environmental impact shall be equal to zero.

According celeb sex tapes to Armen Markaryan, by the results of the research performed , there have been identified at the North-West of Russia some 335 potential sites for the construction of biogas power plants, whereas 31 potential sites are located at Leningradskaya and Kaliningradskaya oblasts with 132 MW of total installed electric and heat capacity and more than 700 mill Euro of investments. In his turn, the Partner at R-Energo Ragnar Ottosen presented the company’s  business model for biogas development at the North-West of Russia. The concept reflects the aspects of establishing together with Russian and international partners a special Investment fund  as a Private-Public Partnership, with the purpose of investing in a portfolio of commercial projects playing a significant role within the plans to reduce the pollutions and emissions of harmful waste and climate gases in Russia.

The black porn seminar was also attended by the representatives of state bodies, power companies, banks and investment structures. Deputy General director of Russian Energy Agency V.N.Baskov, Deputy Director of Department of international cooperation at the Ministry of natural resources and environment of Russia V.V.Ivlev, the representative of Danish biogas association and Renew Energy Jan Thorup Hansen, Head of Department of project and structural financing of Gazprombank  P.V.Shevchenko, Deputy Head of Russia Renewable Energy Program, IFC А.B.Zhikharev.

By hentai porn movies the results of the seminar, the participants expressed keen interest in the presented concept and support in further development of the presented Program of biogas projects implementation at the North-West of Russia.