A "green" house in St. Petersburg

A gay movies “green house” has appeared in St. Petersburg. This is the first building in the city erected using “green” technologies. Air tightness and water insulation are its standards, while every apartment has energy saving bulbs and water gauges.

The mature milfs house tenants shall feel the economic advantages of “green” technologies. The annual savings for communal bills might reach up to 5000 rubles. But the apartments will not become colder. Outdoor fresh air delivered into the ventilation system shall be filtered and heated. Recuperation is the technology of the future: by pressing one button, one can select heating or cooling mode, and to ventilate the room, it will no longer be necessary to open the window.

Juuso lesbian porno Hietanen, general director of a development company: «I believe that with time we shall be more careful about the environment. I hope that construction standards will soon be changed, and the authorities will introduce more energy efficient norms. The President talks a lot about the necessity for energy saving, because we are currently losing so much energy in Russia».

Air lesbian xxx recuperation system is planned for installation at several buildings under construction. Such filters may however be installed at ready houses as well. Though in that case the fresh air and comfortable environment shall cost rather much.