New Moscow huts

Houses anime hentai porn receiving energy from the sun and the wind may soon appear in «new Moscow». They are expected to become serious competitors for existing standard projects — one square meter in such houses shall cost much less.

The lesbian videos prototype of the house was a simple wooden hut that is so wide spread in Moscow region. According to the standards of Russian rural housing, the house shall have a real Russian oven, a carved façade. In all the other aspects the house shall have a futuristic structure.

The celeb sex videos tenants of the houses shall pay next to nothing for electric energy — it shall be mostly generated by solar cells.

The lesbian porno architects paid special attention to the windows — they shall disperse warm sun rays all around the premises when it will be cold in the street. Or vice versa, withhold excess heat in hot weather.

The celebrity porn videos project of the new house may become a standard. First of all, due to its economic feasibility — the cost of construction of one square meter shall amount to only 43, 000 rubles, secondly because it is the only project satisfying the requirements of environmental construction that may soon come to be obligatory.

The milf photos construction of the first house should be launched and completed this year. The house shall be erected at the territory of «new Moscow» area located at Leninskiy district of Moskovskaya oblast.