Russian energy management standard

On celebrity porn February 28 the Director of Department of energy efficiency, modernization and development of fuel and energy complex of the Ministry of energy of Russia P.V.Svistunov headed the sitting of the Technical committee on standardization «Energy saving, energy efficiency, energy management» (ТК 039).

ТК lesbian videos 039 was developed by the representatives of R&D institutes, business communities, oriented executive authorities, international organizations on certification and public unions. The participants of the sitting discussed the draft of the standard GOST Р 50001 «Energy management systems. Requirements and guidance for use».

The adult anime project is a national version of international standard ISO 50001 Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use that was established by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on June 15, 2011.

The cartoon porn videos introduction of the energy management standard in Russia should improve the energy performance of companies’ activities, secure access to information and necessary resources in order to achieve energy efficiency tasks, support the procurements of energy efficient products and services, and support national and corporate projects on energy performance improvement.

According mature milfs to the developers of the standard, correlation of the management strategies of Russian companies in accordance with ISO 50001 standard shall serve the task of energy efficiency integration into the general company management concept as well as increase the transparency of companies’ activities. The participants of ТК 039 sitting decided to develop the final version of GOST Р 50001 standard until the mid of March, and introduce the draft of the standard for approval in April.

GOST buy generic cialis online Р 50001 standard is planned for introduction starting from January 1, 2013.