Russia-EU cooperation

On Lesbian Porn February 13, 2012 the Director of Department on energy efficiency, modernization and development of fuel and energy complex at the Ministry of energy of Russia P.V.Svistunov participated in the meeting of co-chairmen of the thematic group on energy efficiency and innovations within the frames of Russia-EU Energy dialogue, that took place in Brussels (Belgium).

In adult anime his report about the «Development of state strategy on energy efficiency in the Russian Federation» Svistunov spoke about the status of state program «Energy saving and increasing energy efficiency for the period until 2020» and about the results of its implementation in 2011, including the preparation of normative basis in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy; creation and launch of the system of state incentives on energy saving and efficiency; implementation of measures required for the beginning of projects pre-investment stage; pilot training of state and municipal employees in the field of energy management.

In buy kamagra the opinion of the Russian party, the key directions of cooperation between Russia and the EU in 2012 may include: support of measures on the creation of favorable investment environment for the cooperation between Russia and the EU on energy efficiency; identification of best international practices on energy saving and efficiency (including the mechanisms of loan financing for energy efficiency projects); improvement of the system of energy saving and efficiency staff preparation with the participation of European specialists; selection, launch and assistance to concrete projects on energy efficiency and renewables; cooperation between Russia and the EU on energy efficiency technical standards synchronization; joint information and consultancy events in Russia and the EU.