Wind and solar energy for Moscow parks

The phone porn installation of alternative sources of energy basing on solar cells and wind generators has been launched at specially protected natural areas of Moscow. The first systems appeared in natural reserves «Vorobyovy gory» and «The Setun’ river valley».

Along nude milfs the ecological path at «Vorobyovy gory» reserve there has been installed a wired system of alternative sources of lighting (it is a container divided into 2 parts, one of which accommodates an emergency generator and the other – accumulating gel batteries). Above the container there are solar cells supplying energy to accumulators. Due to the solar cells, accumulators accrue electricity during the day, and at night time electric energy from the accumulators is fed into LED lights.

«The nude celebrities Setun’ river valley» reserve has an autonomous system of alternative sources of lighting (a lighting column with a solar panel and a wind generator. An accumulating battery in a special container is buried into the ground about 1 m deep). Energy from the solar panels is accrued during the day, on windy weather the accumulator gets charged on a continuous basis. The systems shall also be equipped with motion detectors turning the lights in active and stand-by modes, and with video cameras and emergency buttons, Wi-Fi access shall be arranged as well.

«Such celeb sex videos systems secure high level of safety for the visitors of our territories – if needed, they can always connect our specialists or emergency services, - noted the head of Department of nature use and environmental protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevsky. - One of our basic tasks for 2011 was to clean specially protected natural areas from garbage, meanwhile the main task for 2012 is to increase the level of safety and secure comfortable rest at parks for Moscow citizens and the guests of the capital».