Heat of the Earth for rail road

An cartoon porn unusual communal experiment is being performed at Kuybyshevskaya rail road. It was decided there to save resources and heat the company’s buildings using an alternative source of energy — a special unit accumulates the heat of the Earth.

The celeb sex tapes control station has the area of 200 m2. hottest celebrities This is so far the first building at Kuybyshevskaya rail road that has been completely shifted to alternative heat supply.

The gay sex system principle is quite simple: six wells 45 m deep have been drilled vertically downside the building, the pipes have been laid in such a way as to form three enclosed contours. The pumps make warm liquid go up, cold liquid goes down where it is heated once again, for the temperature of the soil deep within the earth is never changed and stays about 10 °C. Up above the ground there is a heat exchanger with a compressor where 10 °C  turn into 60°C.

The lesbian sex porn head of the technical department of service of civil structures of Infrastructural directorate at Kuybyshevskaya rail road Redvan Yakubov noted: «This is the heat of the Earth which is free». More than that, it is renewable, unlimited and does not tie consumers by agreements with the suppliers of traditional heat and gas. All the system requires is electricity. Such a unit consumes approximately 25 kW per day.

Depending levitra online on external weather, smart devices realize when they need to be switched on and what the required temperature is, after which the system operation is paused and generated heat is delivered into the house.

The phonesex initial cost of equipment installation amounted to almost 3 mill rubles. The economic effect shall be gained in 5 years. In absolute terms, the small control station already saves on heating more than half million rubles per year.

The viagra online experiment has been acknowledged successful, and in the nearest time the energy of the Earth shall start heating many other new buildings and facilities of the rail road that may afford large investments.