Smart house in Yaroslavl

An phone porn energy efficient house has been launched in operation at Prechistoye settlement in Yaroslavskaya oblast, announced the press-service of the Fund of housing and communal utilities. The house has been built within the frames of regional targeted program on resettling citizens from hazardous dwelling in view of low-height construction development.

The best hentai porn two-storey smart house accommodates seven apartments. The total area of the house amounts to 441 sq.m., whereas the area of the apartments – to 362,4 sq.m.

The black sex porn house was constructed using energy efficient materials and technologies. The external walls are manufactured from solid cast foam concrete 350 mm thick which secures high thermal resistance. The consumption of energy during the heating period is reduced by 24%, i.e. the building refers to class "В" (high) of energy efficiency. The windows are made using triple-pane glass with soft selective coating which also secures high thermal resistance. With the aim of reducing the annual consumption of cold water in the house, the building contains water saving equipment.

In celeb sex tapes order to reduce the annual consumption of hot water, there have been installed mixers for basins and baths preventing water leaks due to the use of headworks with ceramic beads. The house also has a ventilation air-handling unit with heat recuperation. A device built into external walls does not only supply fresh air into the premises, but also deletes waste air thus securing comfortable air exchange.

According adult anime to the specialists, unlike most similar devices, equipment at the energy efficient house delivers warm fresh air into the house on any weather, however it doesn’t consume electric power or heat for warming the air up.

LED lesbian porno lights have been installed with the aim of reducing electric energy consumption on house needs and for external lighting. Light at the attic, at the stairs and technical cellar is switched on by motion detectors depending on light intensity. External lighting is switched on using light intensity detectors. All house electrical receivers are fed by photoelectric panels. The house also has solar cells – photoelectric transformers.