BP and Skolkovo cooperation

ВР lesbian videos Russia and Skolkovo fund have agreed to cooperate with  Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, the world’s largest R&D center in the field of catalysis, and Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading universities. The parties shall jointly perform a research program on energy efficiency with the cost of 9,3 mill pound sterling, with the rated period of three to five years. After the conclusion of the agreement on cooperation, the project financing shall be undertaken by ВР Russia and Skolkovo.

The phone porn partners shall focus on increasing the efficiency of using thermal energy in oil and gas sector, in particular on the process of treatment of hydrocarbon materials. The projects stipulates research and development in a number of sectors including heat exchanging equipment and process, newest catalysts, solving the problems of deposit formation in heat exchanging equipment and pipelines,  power recovery and utilization of low potential heat.

«We cartoon porn videos were happy to take part in this research project, – said the head of ВР Russia David Peattie. – The improvement of heat exchanging technologies is necessary for increasing the environmental efficiency of oil refining procedures».

«Skolkovo 3d hentai porn fund is happy to announce the beginning of a joint research project at Imperial College London and Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, – said the executive director of Skolkovo cluster of energy efficient technologies Vasily Belov. – The teams of the two institutes shall focus on R&D in the fields of heat exchanging and catalysis processes. The project may have a significant impact on oil refinery sector by reducing power losses in heat exchanging procedures up to 15%».