Ministry incentives for renewable energy

The buy generic kamagra online Ministry of energy of Russia with the participation of the Ministry of regional development of Russia has completed the development of the project of a set of measures targeted at renewable energy generation. The document has been forwarded for approval at Federal executive authorities in order for it to be finalized and submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation.

The lesbian sex set of measures includes suggestions regarding the amendments in federal legislation and normative acts securing increased investment attractiveness of renewable energy sector. The project developers studied suggestions and remarks of involved energy companies, unions of electric energy consumers and the majority of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

The hot milfs documents is compiled of a list of measures targeted at the implementation of renewable energy incentive mechanisms stipulated by the Federal law «About electric energy sector» and based, among others, on attracting federal and regional budgetary funds stipulated by the draft of the state program on «Energy efficiency and energy sector development».

In phone porn particular, the set of measures presupposes establishing a declarative manner of registering renewable energy generating facilities at any stage of investment project implementation. At the present moment the procedure is implemented in regulatory manner after the completion of construction, launch of the facility in operation, its connection to the wholesale system commercial market.

It gay sex is also suggested introducing additional criteria for the renewable energy facility qualification, in particular: its correlation with the criteria of environmental efficiency and localization of production of technological generating equipment at the territory of Russia. The set of measures contains also a suggestion on amending the manner of implementation of the priority right to sell electric energy generated basing on renewable sources of energy to grid organizations in order to compensate for electric energy losses. With the aim of increasing the circle of potential investors it is additionally suggested permitting grid organizations generate renewable electric energy in order to compensate for the losses of electric energy in grids.

With lesbian porno the aim of distributing additional tariff load on electric energy consumers between the federal center and the subjects of the Russian Federation, the set of measures stipulates partial funding of the price for electric energy generated basing on renewable sources of energy and purchased by grid organizations in order to compensate for the grid losses.