Investments in Moscow energy sector

The gay pics mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin thinks it reasonable to stimulate investments into the energy sector and the development of energy saving technologies in the conditions of stable tariff policy. “We must secure stable and predictable character of tariff strategy as soon as the investments of energy companies, infrastructural monopolies largely depend not only on the efficient operation of companies themselves, but also on the tariff strategy implemented by the state and the city”, – Sobyanin said during the solemn awarding ceremony of the representatives of Moscow energy sector.

He adult anime reminded that in the first half of 2012 it has been decided not to raise tariffs on the federal level. According to Moscow authorities, tariffs for communal utilities shall be raised in Moscow only after July 1 and September 1 2012, however the growth shall be insignificant. “We will preserve incentives for investments and energy saving technologies without creating an extreme load for consumers”, – noted the mayor. He told that the government of Moscow had adopted a state program for the development of engineering and communal infrastructure in Moscow for the period of 2012-2016.

“The gay porn program shall be funded from the budget and the funds of infrastructural companies which shall amount to 2,2 trill rubles within the five years, where 650 bill include investments, mostly non-budgetary ones”, – noted Sobyanin. He spoke about large-scale works intended to strengthen the security of Moscow energy sector and technological modernization basing on energy efficiency to be carried out within the nearest five years. It is also supposed to eliminate local shortages of energy capacities and improve the street lighting system.