Solar paint

The phone porn scientists of Southern Federal University (SFU) have suggested a new solution to the problem of transforming solar rays into electric energy. They decided to refrain from silicon which used to be the key element in modern solar cells and shift to cheaper materials: paints based on zinc or titanium oxides. According to the scientists, these are contained in usual paints including those used for «painting fences».

The phone sex video idea of the Russian scientists is quite plain. The glass has to be covered by a current-conducting layer with electrolyte, after which a special thin layer of paint is applied. As a result, electric current is generated under the impact of solar radiation. Externally such a device resembles a standard double-glazed unit with tinted glass. An experimental working version of the device is successfully operating in laboratory conditions.

An adult anime efficiency ratio of 10% has been gained by now, however the scientists have calculated that theoretically the ratio may reach up to 40%, which should be enough to consider the project successful due to its relatively low cost.