Bioenergy on leading positions

Bioenergy phone porn without large-scale hydro generation shall in the near future provide for 80% of all renewable energy generation in Russia, told to RIA "Novosti" the General director of Russian Energy Agency (REA) Vladimir Baskov.

According black porn to the state program, the aggregate share of renewable sources of energy by 2020 excluding large HPPs should amount to 4,5%. «In the years to come 80% shall be taken by bio energy for a number of reasons: ready resources base, large poultry farms, pig-breeding complexes», - believes Baskov. According to him, the whole resources and forage base, animal waste are concentrated at the territories of livestock breeding complexes, which makes it very profitable to establish bioenergy complexes there.

According mobile porn to Baskov, some 40 mill ha of ploughland is currently out of use. Such potential has to be developed basing on a complex approach, thinks deputy head of REA. For this reason REA are intending to make the regions establish a priority for the consumption and generation of local energy resources, and only in case of shortages should the energy be requested from the general system of Russia.

Pursuant phonesex to the data from the agency, bioenergy projects are being currently developed in Belgorodskaya, Novgorodskaya, Vladimirskaya, Кеmerovskaya, Leningradskaya oblsts and in Bashkiria, Udmurtia and Tatarstan.

In cartoon porn videos June the Ministry of energy announced that the energy potential of waste from Russian agroindustrial sector amounts to 110 bill kWh of electric energy and 1 bill GJ of heat, while 66 bill m3 of biogas is equivalent to 33 bill liters of gasoline.