Energy service: further steps

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On nude celebrities September 30, 2011 within the frames of the Business program of IV Petersburg International Innovation Forum during the presentation of «Innovative Solutions for Housing and Utilities Complex» the participants of the event were presented R-Energo’s project on increasing energy efficiency of a residential house in St. Petersburg basing on an Energy service contract.

During celeb sex tapes the program there took place the solemn ceremony of signing a Joint activities agreement  between R-Energo and NP «The St.Petersburg House Property Owners Association» regarding the establishment of a consortium of investors with the aim of implementing the Pilot project of increasing energy efficiency of the house in consideration, as well a Contractor’s agreement with the participation of the above mentioned consortium of investors as a Customer and R-Energo subsidiary – project company R-Energo engineering as the Contractor performing Energy saving measures (ESM) by the project.

Due iphone porn to its novelty for the Russian market of services, the mechanism of performing and arranging the works via an Energy service contract has not yet been well-established in Russia. For this reason the specialists of R-Energo had to develop their own innovative legal and organizational system of ESM implementation which allows to the greatest possible extent protect the interests of all the parties involved and secure transparency and reliability of all transactions.