Seminar «Biofuel for transport»

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On gay porn videos September 13 the representatives of R-Energo took part in Russian-Swedish seminar «Biofuel for transport» arranged in Russian energy agency. REA initiated the event together with Swedish energy agency with the aim of exchanging experience and up-to-date technologies of the two countries in the field of bioenergy, in particular, in production of biogas, electric energy and fertilizers.

On cartoon porn videos the Russian part their vision of the problem presented the representatives of Russian energy agency, Scientific and technological enterprise Agrodiesel, Institute of biochemical physics in the name of Emanuel, R&D engines institute, TRIVIM Ltd.,  Kirovskiy biochemical plant, R&D auto transport institute NAMI.

Sweden celeb sex tapes was represented by corporations SWECO International and VOLVO, Swedish gas association, companies Kristianstandart Biogas AB and Lackeby Water Group.

Sweden propecia online is the only country in the world that created a biogas standard for motor fuel. Data from several Swedish companies on extensive use of biogas as motor fuel are of significant interest for agroindustrial complex for it shall allow sharply (by 15- 20%) reduce the consumption of standard motor fuel.

The phone sex video participants of the seminar concluded also that Russia possesses no less extensive potential for the production of gaseous («synthesis-gas») and liquid (ethanol, butanol) biofuels from lumber, turf and solid communal waste.

By anime hentai porn the results of the event the participants expressed their interest in further interaction and mutual study of experience and technologies. With this aim Rea shall arrange a visit of oriented Russian organizations and enterprises to Swedish companies operating in the field of biogas and biofuel for transport.

Swedish phone porn participants, on their part, are interested in demonstrating their technologies in Russia. One of the possible forms of such demonstration may be the integration of Swedish technologies into Russian bioenergy polygons organized by REA.

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