Solar energy for Moscow parks

Moscow cartoon porn authorities consider shifting street lighting system to solar cells, said the Head of Department of fuel and energy economy Evgeniy Sklyarov.

Some nolvadex online days before Sklyarov announced that Moscow authorities are intending to introduce "smart lighting" to Moscow streets that presupposes regulating light ray depending on external environment, weather conditions, intensity of other sources of light and movement of transport and pedestrians. "We are performing these experiments (lighting using the energy of solar batteries). More than that we shall probably apply the principle to park areas where it is economically feasible", - said Sklyarov.

According milf porn to him, there is a number of experiments carried out in Moscow in regard to receiving electric energy from solar cells. For example, entrances and yards of certain residential houses are lighted due to the energy of solar cells. "Solar cells are still quite expensive, in addition to that accumulators and the control system are needed", - added the Head of Department.