Public transport to be renovated

Until black porn the end of the year Russian energy agency is planning to suggest the authorities of Moscow and other large cities a project on the modernization of trolleybus and trams fleet, said the general director of REA Timur Ivanov on Monday.

"We milf porn are now preparing an offer on increasing the efficiency of using electric transport which we want to submit to the government of Moscow and other large cities with a large trolleybus and trams fleet", - Ivanov said.

According hentai videos to him, the modernization program includes two stages. Stage one presupposes 2-3 fold reduction of electric energy consumption for existing trolleybuses. At stage two some part of public transport shall be replaced with new electric mobiles or trolleybuses. In particular, it is supposed using trolleybuses with rechargeable lithium-ion cells which shall allow decrease diflucan online the load to the grid and release additional capacity.

In lesbian sex April the head of Moscow department of science and industrial strategy Evgeniy Balashov said that the first samples of electric transport with rechargeable cells may appear in the street of Moscow in 2012.

According adult anime to the general director of REA, the project presupposes concluding an energy service agreement with investors.

"An celebrity gossip investor shall come with its own funds, without asking regional authorities or municipalities for additional subsidies. The investments shall be returned due to electric energy savings", - explained Ivanov.