Solar cells under way

In hot milfs summer 2012 an R&D institute for semiconducting devices together with the administration of Tomskaya oblast shall launch a project on the introduction of alternative sources of energy in rural areas – solar cells shall be installed for lighting purposes at one of the villages.

«The gay porn videos project on autonomous lighting is currently under development, in summer 2012 we shall install equipment at Altaevo settlement. During the project implementation we shall practice a scheme of installing our solar cells at the settlement where they shall provide for all lighting. The cost of the project is being finalized. It has been supported by the administration and shall be partly funded from the regional budget», - said chief engineer of the institute Vladimir Kovalenko.

He buy generic kamagra online specified that the solar cells may provide electric energy for the facilities 24 h per day. «If we accept the efficiency of solar cells at the level of 100% on a sunny day, then in cloudy weather the cells shall generate 80% of energy and 20-30% in moonlight. The institute manufactures solar cells that may be no larger than a note book, 10 kW in capacity and even more. They are especially efficient for remote settlements suffering difficulties with power supply», - said Vladimir Kovalenko. According to him, «one house needs a 3 system». Meanwhile a 1.5 kW power plant costs about 300.000 rubles.

He gay porn said also that one of the solar projects had been proposed by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Response. milf porn «When rescuers come to an emergency site, they arrange a camp. During the summer training in Siberia we suggested the Ministry installing a 1.5 kW power plant for the camp. The camp was operating basing on solar cells without any additional electric power plants. The project has been approved. The Ministry branches in Barnaul and Altay are now getting ready for large scale purchases for 1 mill rubles. These shall include the power plants and communications and lighting», - said Vladimir Kovalenko. He said the rescuers from Tomsk shall receive a solar power plant from the institute free of charge «for demonstration purposes».