Experiment in Yakutia

An phonesex experimental 10 kW solar power plant has been installed at Yakutia energy supply company Sakhenergo.

The Boobs power plant includes 52 solar panels (each 195 W, 36,3 V), three-phase grid inverter (10 kW, output voltage 380 V) and ancillary equipment and materials.

The celeb sex tapes photocells have been installed at the roof of a one-storied garage building and are intended for partial power supply of production facilities at the territory of the organization.

Due gay bareback to the high cost of finished solar power plants, the staff of Sakhenergo department on the introduction of alternative sources of energy and new technologies suggested making the project 30% cheaper by assembling the plant from separate components themselves.

The black porn experimental system shall be used for research in order to develop practical skills of working with solar power plants equipment. The research includes testing various modes of operation in different conditions, revealing drawbacks and developing new engineering solutions for improving solar power plants operation in the Far North.

In celebrity porn the future the solar models are planned to be sent to Batamai settlement in order to generate electricity in parallel operation with diesel power plant.

Ivan Smolyaninov