One more attempt

Russian nude celebrities energy companies Hevel and Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System of Russia (UES FGC) signed an agreement for the construction of solar generators. The agreement was signed in June within the frames of International economic forum in St. Petersburg.

Solar adult anime generators shall be constructed in the Far East (Russkiy island). The next year they are planned to be launched in operation. The first volume of energy from generators shall be used for the supply of facilities at APEC 2012.

The lesbian videos agreement also presupposes the installation of solar systems for the substations of UES FGC. Hevel shall acts as the contractor. The company shall design, manufacture and install the set of solar modules.

All nolvadex online the energy from the modules shall be supplied to the facilities of Russian electric grid. The web-site of UES FGC says that solar modules shall be manufactured using the developments of Swiss Oerlikon Solar. Peak (maximal) capacity of each module per 1,4 sq.m. shall reach 125 W.