Decree of the President

On lesbian porno July 7 Dmitriy Medvedev signed a decree «About the adoption of priority directions of development of science, technologies and technique», says the web-site of the Kremlin.

As cartoon porn videos it is noted, the decree is adopted «with the aim of modernization and technological development of Russian economy and increasing its competitiveness». For this reason it is necessary to adopt «priority directions of development of science, technologies and technique» as well as the «list of critical technologies».

In cialis online particular, the priority directions include: safety and counter-terrorism; nano-systems industry; information and telecommunication systems; life sciences; perspective types of weapons, military and specialized equipment; rational nature use; transport and space systems; energy efficiency, energy saving, nuclear energy.

The buy generic zithromax online list of critical Russian technologies consists of 27 points, including the technologies of new and renewable sources of energy, including hydrogen energy; technologies of creating electronic component base and energy efficient lighting devices; technologies of creating energy saving systems for energy transportation, distribution and use; technologies of energy efficient generation and transformation of energy basing on organic fuel, etc.