The President focused on renewables

The milf porn President of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev named several perspective eco-projects that need to be focused at in the nearest time. And once again did he encourage businesses to support innovative environmental projects.  He told that during the sitting of the committee on modernization and technological development of economics devoted to environmental aspects of priority directions of modernization.

Among buy generic viagra online others the President named the so called «green» or alternative energy: «Its share within the total volume of our generated energy, in view of that we are the largest hydrocarbon country, is extremely low (less than 1%)», said Medvedev.  «We are not simply significantly lagging behind the European partners, in fact we haven’t yet done anything in this field», the president noted.

We celebrity nude need to use the possibilities of alternative energy: both wind, solar, geothermal and other types of energy that are still being discussed, believes Medvedev. «It means not only using this potential in industry, but indeed using it in residential and communal utilities», said the president.