Source of real economy

Astrakhan hentai sex video oblast now has houses equipped with solar batteries. According to estimates, the alternative source of energy shall help save some 120 000 rubles per year on lighting the entrances and the yards.

After lesbian sex the capital repairs of the houses the fund of residential and communal utilities had some 1,5 mill rubles left which was used to purchase the batteries for four  apartment buildings.

The nude celebrities energy of the Sun is accumulated in batteries – 12 units for four houses – that can keep the charge for several days ahead. The solar energy gives some 12 V which is enough to light the entrances at night. When it gets dark, the light is switched on automatically – due to a special photomodule. The same device puts energy saving bulbs off in the morning.

During zithromax online a year every family shall save up to 700 rubles in their electricity bills. The payback time for the batteries is set to 10 years. Meanwhile the money saved is already used for further development of the place.