Nobel Prize Winner supports renewables

Renewable black vagina energy is more perspective than the creation of controlled thermonuclear reaction, believes Nobel Prize Winner Zhores Alferov.

"Personally cartoon porn videos I am not sure if it will be possible to create an energy reliable thermonuclear source  - "The Sun of the Earth". It is much easier to construct solar energy transformers of the Earth", - said Alferov.

The celebrity sextapes academician reminded that the projects of creating controlled nuclear synthesis systems are many years old. However while in the past the specialists said the thermonuclear reactor would be launched within some 20 years, currently this period is estimated as 50 years.

When hentai porn videos speaking about energy saving, he noted the significant role of semiconducting technologies, including LED and power electronics solving the problems of energy transformation and transmission.

The cartoon porn scientist mentioned also the issue of nuclear safety. "Chernobyl came to be the first crisis in nuclear energy sector. The events in Japan proved this to be no play of chance", - Alferov stated.