Moscow state program

The hottest celebrities deputies of Moscow state Duma discussed the draft of “Energy saving in Moscow” state program for 2012–2016 and for the perspective until 2020 targeted at “increasing the efficiency of using energy resources by city consumers”.

According buy generic priligy online to the authors of the program, it should secure reliable operation and dynamic development of all sectors of city economy, improve the standard of life of Moscovites and reduce costs for communal resources due to the use of state-of-art innovative technologies in energy saving and the reduction of energy consumption per square meter of residential houses. The draft of the document stipulates also the establishment of a system for monitoring the consumption of resources, energy saving and efficiency as well as informative and educational support system.

One anime hentai porn of the program tasks shall be the development of a tariff strategy stimulating the saving of resources and the creation of incentives for R&D and the production of energy efficient equipment and materials in Moscow. The program shall be implemented in two stages: 2012–2016 and 2017–2020 with the funding from three sources: Moscow budget, federal budget and investments. In the course of five years it is planned to invest over 9 bill rubles in energy saving measures and save some 44 bill rubles.

Anatoliy Emelyanov