Russian-Dutch agreement

Russia celeb gossip and Holland have signed a Memorandum of understanding in the field of innovations and energy efficiency. According to the document, the Russian and the Dutch parties agreed to develop mutually beneficial cooperation on energy efficiency and saving and renewable sources of energy. The Memorandum stipulates regular exchange of information between the universities, technological centers and industrial enterprises of the two countries in regard to low carbon technologies and know-hows in the field of energy efficiency and saving and renewable sources of energy.

The phone porn parties confirmed their intentions to support the implementation of projects on energy efficiency and renewables, with special focus on:

- buy generic cialis online analysis of the potential and identification of sectors with the pay-back period below 5 years;

- black girl porn preparation of energy efficiency projects initiated by the governments, municipalities, public organizations.

«In mobile porn order to implement the provisions of the Memorandum, in October 2011 it is planned to hold a Russian-Dutch bioenergy seminar within the frames of the visit of the Prime-minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte to Russia, - said deputy general director of Russian energy agency Yulia Chernyakhovskaya. – The seminar shall help study Dutch cutting-edge developments in the field of bioenergy and biofuel, technologies for recycling agricultural and solid household waste, wood pellets production».