Lawmakers developing energy service

On gay fuck May 18 the working group of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on energy supply, energy efficiency and saving held a round table devoted to the «Problems of attracting funds for energy saving and the promotion of energy service contracts».

The lesbian porn pics law on energy efficiency presupposes the performance of energy audit and the introduction of energy service contracts. “Unfortunately this provision is not operating and there is no large scale tendency of such contracts conclusion”, — noted the head of the working group Anatoliy Libet. — “There are a lot of factors preventing from this practice introduction, first of all these are the norms of the Budgetary code that let you plan expenses for no longer than 3 years ahead. Most contracts have a larger pay-back period, meanwhile with such planning periods an energy service company does not understand how it shall return the investments. Banks are also careful with investing money basing on the guarantees of municipal authorities”.

The nude celebrities working group shall prepare a Concept of energy service development. A standard contract and a business plan shall be prepared which, in the opinion of the members of the round table, may make things easier. Amendments in legislation shall also be suggested. “The law on energy efficiency needs to be developed as the basis of the sector. Instead of one article about energy service contracts we need to have a whole chapter regulating those,” — believes Anatoliy LIbet.