Residential modernization in Astrakhan

Starting buy generic viagra online from 2010 capital repairs at apartment buildings in Astrakhanskaya oblast shall be performed exclusively basing on energy efficient technologies. A corresponding decree has been issued by the Governor of the region Alexander Zhilkin.

In black porn order to participate in the program of capital repairs funded with the participation of the Fund of residential and communal utilities, the residents of six houses in Volodarskiy settlement united in a Homeowner’s association. During a tender there was selected a contractor with the most profitable conditions: high quality and low price. This allowed save 1,6 mill rubles allocated by the Fund and the regional budget for the capital  repairs of the houses. The regional Ministry of residential and communal utilities suggested using the saved funds for energy saving technologies.

Solar cartoon porn videos batteries have been installed on the roofs of four houses in Volodarskiy settlement: the cells receive the energy of the Sun which is collected in accumulating batteries and is further on supplied to lamps in corridors. Two other houses purchased motion detectors and energy saving lamps.

According celebrity porn to the regional Ministry of residential and communal utilities, solar batteries shall allow the residents save some 120.000 rubles for the lighting of house stair wells and the territories near the houses. Thus every apartment shall annually save 650 rubles for the payment for electric energy.

Apart phone porn from the possibility of buying equipment using the saved funds, during its operation the equipment cost shall be paid back – within 11-12 years.